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The Amistad Slaves Again

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The Presiderit, in hïs message, again recommends on sppropi-iatioii by Congréss tö pay fur the Aniisldd SlaVes. - Nolhing could more conclusively Show the entire tubserviency ol" our administratidn to the slave interest nnd the slave poVer, regardless of consideraron of right. Tliese slaves, it will be reco]lected, hád Schieved their own freedom on the high seas, M)i]ë pnSsing frorri one part in Cuba to another, ns the Americans formefly did theirs upon land !- They Were faund on ourcoast and bro't into one of our ports. The Spnnish minister, in behalf of the pretented ownners, filed a clnirn for them irl court. Thoy vverë confined in pi-ison tiü a trial could be had. Ori the trial It wás proved that they Vere impöried inio Cuba tontrary to lavv, nnd in Violation of their treaty engagement of the Spanish government; arld, consquently; were not siavesi ëvert urider the Spams'n laws, but wcreentilled to their frëedom. The coürl tlierefore orderëd them to be discharged, nnd they wero dischdrged accordingly, and this is the ground of the clairri. Ah a(íjudica!ion thiis made by the proper judicial tribunal, one would suppose. oughl to settle the queslion once and forever. Arld so it wdulj in any case the ntërests of slavery wcré not involved. The subject has been brought beforö Congreas öncfe before, and it seemS ihat it is to bebrought up üke Arriy Üaden's dead horse, till Congress shall be wearied in the p'syment. or till the slave power can commnnd vötes enough to carry il, in spitë of its njustice. It shoulJ be remem'bëred; thnt James K. Pulk, who recommends the pnyment of this i Ilegal claim, is the same man who voted a ] biíl fdr cancelling the demamls of the claimants under the Frenen treaty, the payment or whicii our government had expressly nssumed, and was bound in