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Gen. Taylor On The Temperance Question

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IIkju Qcartcr3. Army.rT Ooctipition, } Uraso Isl ind, Teas, iNov. 86, 1847. Dear Sir : - 1 liave received your letter nsking my views concerning the cause of Total Abstinence, to which I desire to reply a3 follovvs :-- That I am mvsclf virtually an observer of the ruieöf Total Abslinence, umi find my heallh and ablty to endure hardships greatly oc.-eased thercby ; but ihough in my own person I observe this habit, yet when used ia moderation I urn not an opponent to the use ofarrient spirits. With much respect, I remain, Your most obedient servant Z. TAYLOR, Major Gen'l ü. S. Army. Jacob Carter, Bcston, Mass. President Polk, it seems, has ordered tlie fitting out ofan expediiion to exploro and survey ihe Dead Sea. The Springfiold Sentine!, in ailusion to the subject, Says : "One great object of the invest gation wiil be to ascertoin whiher this sea and its slioies nre of volcanic origin, to refute the posiiion of tnfiditl phüosophers with regard to is formaron. The elucidation of ibis subject is a desiderátum to science, nnd would be mnst gratifying to. the vvhole Christian world." The Prosident's zeal f.or the cause of Christianity scenis to hae no bounds. Weshould nol wonder, now that he has got his hand in, if he shoaJd, by and by, uniiate ihoexample of Peter, the Hermet, and preach motiier Crusnde. It would be a horrible aíTair if he s'iould de beforetho position of -infidel phiosop'iers," in regard to the Dead S -a, were refuted. It is perfectly "Cunstitutional," lo fit out. an eaied:ion for such a purp.ise, althougb it wciulvl ro; be to explora tíie shoresof l;ikes, or tj use the meuns of the republie in clearing the channcli of the Ohio and Mississippi of the sand burs and snng-i, which are the eaue of sucb an immense tlestrqctiou uï' Ufe and properly every year ; Uu this a, groat pountry, Jaines K. Pulk is Presiiiei. i "lulidel Philosopliers" must look out. CA. Citizen. Mr. Walker, of ihebranJed haud. f te