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Henry D. Terry, Lyman Carver, Francis Baker, George B. Turner, Robert Crouse, Hiram H. Stone, Wells R. Martin, John B. SaintJohn, Cyrus Howard, George Mathews, James Mulholland, Davis D. Bennett, Hiram Stone, Jonathan P. King, Jehiel Enos, Elihu L. Clark, Reuben B. Dimond, John Davis Pierce, David B. Dennis, Grove Spencer, William Morris,Henry H. Bingham, Minot Thayer Lane, Samuel H. Palmer, James I. Russell, Levi Patchen, Daniel G. Quackenboss, Samuel M. Scott, William Blades, Benjamin F. Ferris, Isaac I. Voorheis, Milo Powell, Ambrose P. Young, Samuel N. Warren, Charles Baldwin, William Burnett, Zebina M. Mowry, Luke Hazen, Alvarado Brown, Ananias Worden, Blades, E. G. Adderly, J. N. Ingersoll, James E. Platt, S. B. Brown, B. F. Millard, John S. Lapham, J. Lamb, Hathaway, Hill, Hiram L. Miller

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Lieut. Governor Fenton was sworn in on the third instant, and took bis seat os President uf the Senate. A. VV. Buel was elecled Speaker of the House, he receiving 46 votes, while E. Lawrence, fWhig) received 13. Jan. 4lh. The President of the Senate, and Speaker of the House, announced the standing commitiees for the session, which will be found below. In the Senate, severnl resolutionsin relalion to supplies, rales, postage, &c, were introduced and pnssed. Gen. Schwarz introduced a bil], for "repeaüng the laying and collection of the annual tax Tor the support of the volunteer Militia of the state," which was twice read and referred to the committee of the whole. It provides for the abolition ot the tax, and for refunding to those vvbo have already paid. After several rnotions to introduce bilis &c, the Senate adjourned. In the House, similar resolutions to those in the Senate, in rclation to supplies &c, were acted upon. A motion was made to go into the eleotion of a Choplain this dny, oiher business of no general imporlance was transacted. SENATE COMMITTEES. On Supplies & Expenses. - Shoemaker, Berry, Robinson. On Claims. - Hart, Cook, Fitzgerald. On Finance. - Dentón, Redfield, Sinclair. On the Judiciary. - Eldredge, Balch, Thomson. On the Militia. - Schwarz, Shoemaker, McCabe. On Internal Imprvement - Fitzgerald, Parsons, Griswold. On Roads & Bridges. - Parsons, Loomis, Isbel. On Public Instruction. - Balch, Dentón, Redfield. On State Prion.- Cook, Allen, Hart. On Incorporations. - Allen, Griswold, Parsons. On División of Towns & Counties. - Danforth, Hart, Berry. On Agriculture.--Redfield, Sinclair, Shoemaker. On Manufactures. - Berry, Isbel, Waldo. On Privileges & Elections. - Loomis, Robinson, Dentón. On Enrolled Bills. - Sinclair, Fitzgerald, Loomis. On State Library.- Thomson, Waldo, Allen. On Expiring Laws.- McCape, Eldredge, Balch. On State AfTairs.- Griswold, Danforth, Cook. On Printing. - Waldo, Schwarz, Danforth. On Public Lands. - Robinson, Thomson, Eldredge. Messengers of the Sánate. - Henry Smith, Monroe ; Smith Clapsaddle, Ingham ; Ezra Huret, Calhoun. HOUSE COMMITTEES. Ways and Means. - Littlejohn, Emmons, Taylor, Vickery, Mack. State Affairs. - Emmons, Frazer, Patterson, McKinney, Barlow. Judiciary - Kingsley, Campbell, Laurence, Terry, Noyes. Internal lmprovemtnt - Crouse, Harri, Granger, Murray, Littlpjohn. Harbors - Dennis, Mulholland, Terry, Carvpr, Baker. Claims - Turner' Crouse, H. H. Stone, W. R. Martin, St. John. Elections - W. B. Martin, Howard, Mathews, Mulholland, Bennitt. Federal Relations - H. Stone, King, Enos, Clark, Dimond. Banks and Incorporations - Pierce, Dennis, Spencer, Morris, H. Stone. Public Lands - Eldredge, Bingham, Barlow, Smith, Lane. Printing - Dentón, Dimond, Palmer, Russell, Patchin. Education - Quackenboss, Scott, Howard, Blades, Ferris. Engrossment and Enrollment - Noyes, Baker, H. H. Stone, Voorhies, Benntl. Agriculture Voorhies, Mathews, Powell. Militia - Young, Warren, Eldredge. Supplies - King, Baldwin, Burnett. Towns and Counties - Lane, Morris, Young. State Prison - Strong, Williams, Mow■7- Roads nnd Bridges - Voorhies, Hazen, State Library - Brown, Campbell, Morris. lndian Aflairs - Frazer, Scott, Worden. In the Senate, to-day, afler a prayer from the Rev. Mr. Blades, Mr. Parsons presented a petition from citizen of Shiawassee relative to roads. Mr. Thompson presented a petition from 320 persons of Atlas, for the chartering of a railroad from Pontiac to Flint. Mr. Redfield presented a petition for damagos occasioned to E. G. Adderly by the sale of state lands for taxes. Mr. Fitzgerald offered a resolution changing the name of the town of Michigan, which was referred to committees of the whole. Mr. J. N. IngersoJ), who had been elected Secretary of the Señale, this morning in liis (ioclinalion, (he desk having !een occupied by James E. Platt, as protem., who continúes to discharge the duties until a Secretary ís elected, which will probably take place to morrow. - Mr. Piatt was asked in the first instance to accept the office, but owing to business arrangements, declined doing so. After some other unimportant business, the Senate went into executive session, onsome appointments sent in by the Governor. The appointments were not acted upon. In the House, a committee cosisting of Messrs. Littlejohn, H. Stone, Vickery, Cnm;bell and slrong were appointed to examine into the contested election case in Chippewa county. Mr. Vickery presented a petliion for the setting off of certain lands, from the corporate limitsof Pontiac. Mr. Dennis presented a petilion for an amendment of the charter of the Adrián and Coldwater Piank Road Co. Mr. Clark, for relief of R. E. Bisel. Several othér petilionsöf a local character were presented. Mr. Eldredge, of Lapeer, introduced e bill to change the name of Michigan to that of Lansing. Mr. Pierce offered a resolution that the judiciary committee inquire into ths expediency of an entirff revisión of the present syslem of pleadings and praclice, and also of so altering and modifyirig existing provisions of law as to do away with the distinction between law and equity in our courts of record, which was adopted. The House then went into the election of a Chaplain, which resulted as follows : for S. B. Brown, 10 ; for B. F. Millard, 8 ; for John S. Lapham, 2 ; for J. Lamb, 2; for Mr. Hathaway, 2 ; for Mr. Hill, 2 ; for Hiram L. Miller flate whig candidate for Lieut. Gov.) 1. The House adjourned without an eleciion.