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Bill To Prevent Kidnapping

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This bilí, inti'oduced int) the O. Legislaturê by Mr. Blake, prohibits, uncier the perialtv of mprisor.ment in ihe Penetentiary not less than one nor more than five years, any person in this Slnte, not a public officer of the United States, aiding or assisting in any way the arrest or removal of a l'ugitive slave. Secondly- it prohibits under a 1 ke punishment any jailer or other officer uciing under the laws of this State, imprisoning in the jail or any other place a fugitive slave. Thirdly - it inflicta the same punishment upon a y peráon who shnll ín nny way procure any person to go out of the State with the inient of enslaving such person. It is just such a law a is nreded on the subject. We are under ho Constitutionan obligation, ir. any way, to help to sustain slavery, and every principie of philanthropy and religión forbids our doing it. Let slave maaters be their own negro catchers. A eitizën of Ohio who will in any way aid them is not fit to wnlk in the light, but should be shut up in ihe Penetentiary or the Insane