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Is there a mechanic or laborar who finds it difficult to provide for the necc.ssiries oflife for h is family, and vet spendstwelve-and-a-half cents o day for strong drink t Lei him remeinber that tliis small sum wil! in oae year arnount to forty-five dollars and sixty-two cents, and will purchase, when the markets are clieapest, the following articlos viz : - Into a house thus supplied, hunger and colJ would not enter. And if to these articles be added whit before he has feil able to purchase, abundance and comfort would be the inmates of his dwelling. The Fremont Trial, which, if it ever end, is ükely (o end in smoke, is said lo have cost the nation $60,00fr already. But never mind LTncle Samuel is rich. Seeixgtheí Elkphant.- It mny bn loubled whether thore was much more oxcilement in tlie vicirity of Vera Cruz r Cerro Go-do during ihe recent contest, thtin there wns yesterckiy in tlie neighborhood of Messrs. U'aring & Co.'s Manigerie in Walnut strcer, owing t tlie celebrnted elephint, Colutnbus, tlirowing his keeperin the air. The keeper, Wm. Kelly, of New York, whose ac juaintance wilh Culumbns was only sliort, was eniploycd after one o'clock in paring liis feet and preparing him for exliiliiiion in the ofiernonn, when the animal becoming restive, Kelly left him and procured a fork with which to ehastise him ; but the sagacious anirnnl sceing him returning with the weapon, srrreeched, and instantlv seized him with his extended trunk and threw hin twice into the air, and then left him, foaming wilh ragf. He instantiy knocked down the cages in which wei e a hyena and a wolf, both of woich escaped and ran several times around tlie ring before ihey were captured end secured. It was a fearful time, for n'I the nnimals, from the Kin of the forest down to the most insignificant reptile, were struck with consierna'ion, and each gave vent, in ts own peculiar manner, to the dread that pervaded it. This noble elephant, sreing Mr. Waring nnd his men taking measures to secure him, rushed townrds them, and they escaped up the seals for the audience, followed by him, but he flooring and seats gave way tinder his ponderous weight. Mr. Driesback, Mr, VVaring, and others then obt.iined a cable, which was placed in the centre of the ring, nnd ucceeded in noosing him by the leg ; they then retreated toward the southerly corner of ihe menagerie, where the animal followed them. Managing to elude him, thpy, after great effort, and striking him, very severely with pitchforks, got iron manacles on his legs. At lengih they got him into the middle of the ring, where we last saw him at half-post five. He was ïhen apparently hutnble, having bied profusely and suffered considerably. He tore up and broke all he seats in the ring that come within his reach, with as mjch case as if they 1 ad been merely pipe-stems. Kelly had, it was rumoured, his right hip and thigh dreadfully fractureJ. His leg, it wns said, was amputated. During these exciling scènes the Mayor, nccompanied by a number of the pólice, made his appearance. Two six-pounders were placed, one n front and the oü.er at ihc back of the menagerie, wi;h a view to snoot the animal should he attempt lo make his exit at either poinl. - Phila. Inquirer. The Old Man Eloquent. - A Washington correspondent of the N. Y. Mirror speaks thus of John Quincy Adams, as he appears at present in Congress : Mr. Adams was earlv at his seat to day, notwithstanding the violence of the storm, but every warm tint of life has vanií-hed from his venerable fice, and a paleness of complexion, nlmost luminous, betokens his near approach to a brighter and a better world. In gazine upon him as he quietly sat there omid ihe robust and bustüngthrong, with his keen eyes still sparkling like dianionds in the snow, one loses for a moreent all particular remerribrances of the man, in silent reverenoe fur the devoted patriot and sage, who, full of years and honors, perseveres in the service of bis country to the very threshold of eternity. His intellect remains clear and vigorous, and his interest in public aíTairs increases with hiselibing sands, which already seems to be so low in the glass ihat the slighiest shake would exhaust ihe last golden grain of mortal life. There is a sanctity in the presence of one so venerable in wisdom and in years, as he approaches "Theshore oflhat immortal sea Which brought us hither" - that should soften the language of his polilical enemies into tones of the most respectful tenderness and reverence. Prospects op Peacis - T'ae Washington correspondent of the Journal of Commerce, writing onder date of Dec. 16, says : We have láiely received froni various SDurce'ci of the South, such opinions as to the state of things in Mexico, as serve to preclude the possibility of obtaining a treaty of peace. These opinions are faunded upon the representations of military men and othera, who are practically acquainted with the subject. One letter says- Mexico will not make peace. All jour rumors at Wr.shinglon on lhis subject are absurd. There is no hope of it - not the most disiant. - The body of the nation are bitter against us, and the better classes act'ially dread the withdrawal of onr army, for fear ol perfect anarchy, and one scène ofgeneral plunder, and they therefore, oppose peace." There are 3,300 women attached to the American army in Mexico for washing, mending and attending the sick. A New Cannon. - The famous Duke de Montpensier lias set his wits to work, and invented a canncm which can be taken to ieces, and can be carried by men. It is lo be cmployed. against the Arabs. Bosuelfand "The Haar'' were conversing upon theconducl of n pranter,vvho so il'-gged h's slave thnt hfidie.l. The Doclor ihundered tavagely. "Well, bui," =aid Boswell, deprecatingly, "I have ttways held ilie man iih the black fca lo bo a coimccung link betwcen a man and a brute." "Sir,"sai(J Dr. Jolinson, rolling his liuge forrn frurn sfJa d sidn, "and 1 have filways held ihe man wiili q b.ucc haart lo be a connociing link betwocn a brute ind the devil." More Awkx tiov.- The editar of the Maine Farmer intimates that tlie design of our Government in sending an expedition to theDead Sea, may be to fish u) Sod im an Gumorrah, nndannex ihem to the United Siaios. StonoTioN and Death.- TheCincinnati Chronicle notices th dath of n verj interesting young girl in that city, who died n mni.iac in consequenoe of having been seduced and abandoned by a man who called hirnself Franklin Ward. The poor crentnrp, when she asoertained the character of ihe villain who had ruined her, posilively refused all nourishmenf, and pen'shed miserably fom s'.arvntion. A persan lieing asked whot was rr.eant by the realilies of ife answrred - "Real estáte, real moiiey, and a real good dinner, none of whicli culd be realized without real hard work." Hon. Timothy Pitkin of Connecticui, died recently after u short illness, nearly eiglity ye.irs of age. Me was a niember of Congress from 1805 to 1819, and was hgh!y esteemed in public and private life. We very mucli regret lo see thal a bilí to exempt from eecution the Homeslead to the nlue of 500 hn.s been indefinitely postponcd by the Legislalure af Tennessee. The vote stood 50 to 13. Illinois - On Snlurday, at the door of the courl house, a scène new to manv ofour cilizens ivas witnessed. A negro woman nearly or quite blind, and a negro girl ten or twelve ypars of age, were exposed at public sale for j.-ii! fees. The aervice of the gil was sold at one dollar per month Tor the term of one year, as we understood ; no bidders for the blind vrman, who, we undeitooil, was the mother of the child. These blacks were taken u by Robort Reed, living near Perry, as runaway s!aves, and no owner having appeared to claim them wilhin the timeallotted by laiv, they were exposed to public sale by t!.e sheriff" for ihe expenses of tbeir involuntary confinoment, costs, &c. The mother will have to go to the poor-house nnd become a county charge Mr. Reed will have the satisfnction, if any it be, of sepa ra' ing a mother and child, and of imposing a bilí of expense upon our county.- PUtsfield {UI.) Free Press. CCt Why is Illinoi rnnkcJ amongfree States 1 Mr. Clny in Favor of Assuming the Debí of Texas ! In his Lexingion speech he declared as follows : - 'In my hcmble opinión, we are now bound, in honor and moraltly, to pay the debt of Tlxas !' A curious machine (or making suspender buttons has been invented and is in use at Newark, New Jersey. It makes complete in one operation the bow for suspender buckles, lettered and ornamented, at the rate of from thirty to fortv perminute. The aggregate consumption in the United ■States of this small art iele amounts toupwardsof $200,000 annua!ly, nine-tenths of wbieh are mpred from France. A new state, it is sMd, 5 about lo spring into existence, cal'. Minesoto, whose port of entry ,.;,], embrace lhe western extremi'y ftJ Lake Superior. Excellent coa'. ]ars ]ie between that harbor and "ie. Red River settlement.