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For the Signal of Liberty. 'The atars nnd sripes float iriumphqntly over he Halls of ihe Muntaumu." - Ncwsp ; $1 1. T-ll tabroad - pniclnim il to ihc world- Our larsnnri stripesnre valiantly unfurled, And fl.nt i;i glory o'er ihnplendid halls Whr tus proud Aziers held tlieir festivals; And where, since war hilti swept their h rdes away, Uure rcincd a pcoplc mightier stijl than thcy: IVhere ..l.lier's paced in iosnlence of pride, Ad IjHiiiity chiefs our utmost power deSed; - üo, tel! the world how valiantly 'twae Iwrue Throujh t'ctl-c'jd hosts uncunqitcred and uti torn, Hou-, by atrong hand and baaru that knew do fcar, Tva raiced above thoe walls 'mid dcaf 'ning checrt! O sound it loud - protHaim it to the brerze - Bear il, ye wind, bvrund the rolling seas; 'Twill makc us known abroad ' - monirche T.i!1 licar. (Mw harsh 'twill grmc npon n royal ear.) And own ihat we republicana have skill Io royalty' on ari- the art to kilL l But shouid a carious quctioner demn'il Why we liavi thus u'errun a forein 1 ;nd, Make nn reply, 01 in round nunibf rs ewear 'Tiaall in (tli'delcuce the sword we bea: ! Tet, if hc will not liear to whnt you sny, AVhy thfii the 10 "c tc'tcs tuce tutd uüll not ptly ; An i 'tis bui just - our honor now demanda We kilt ttieir poopleaid anne.x their land! 'Tia honor's code. and why siiould we reluse The code uf lionor honorably to tne, 11' these barbarían will not p;iy our ducs? Lisp not a word of war's unnumbered ills! Whai thougli it ruins. devasmes. nn! kill! VVhut lbo' from every b.itile fi ld arise The dying soldier's ayon zing erbs? %Vlut tlit the wiiluw'a leara ior loved onuÜDw. And orphane drink the bilter cup of wot Al! thia is notliing hotiest men iiüow If ïictory's wreath at laat adorn the brow; 'Tia victory give to war ita maic charms; 'Tia glory urgee on tho man ef arma; 'Tis love of power that nerves Ihe soldier' htart To deedi oí valor in hig ':royal art" - These once atta ned, o'ti bal once all the woe Of allen co urades, and of vanquiehtd foei! Glor)' the thing! then shoul it onre again! Lclio il loudo'er valley, bil I, andphiin! it greatweare ! what mighiy men of war! (Though small the trifle w.iich we're fightins for!) How valiantly ur aon have drubbed ;he foe, And raisei our flag in conquered Mexico! Have we not won a 'ime defying name? Are we not ' damn'd to everlasting fame?"