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Infamous Attempt

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Anatteinpt was made bv some diaboliBa] Tillain or vüliins, on Saturday n ght, to bii'n the CngrgMiontl Church in in t his vil'age. A fire as kindled in the pulpit by the ur,e of hay and some pieces of a spgnr bo. When thesext.m entered the house in the tnorning, he found it filled ith smoke, and on examinaron ihe flxir ind stairs ofihe pulpit were diso vered to have been considerably bunied. The fire almos miraculuusly, seemeil to have become extinguished. VVhat eoulJ have indiiced the cmrnision of this onm", it is d fïicult to deterini'ie. It is attiibutd, howpvr, to n spirit of rever ge manif s:ed tho dav and evening previous iraong srvcral relailers of ardei.t spirit., whom the lnw had been enTcrcad, nnd rne of whose nnmbei' had fuund lodgings in ihe county j'iii, for a breach of the hw in this regnr. Wenrist parnesilv hope, whoever may be ths guüty p-irty, that jjs'ic"! may overtake him, and tlint he may suffer the most hevere pemlties of the lnw fir (hit brve and infamous crime. The public feeling is highly outrageH, nnd no measui-es will Ijp left un'ried to ferret out the vil.'ain. - J.ickson Patriot. C?Diiriors and fee to the miliary héroes me now the order of the day, nnd nre lie-ilowed on (he returned officier.wiihut disiinctioii of ïmnk, from Mnjorüenoral Taylor down to an humhle Lieutennn! üf i company. The dinners to Commodoie Siockion. and to Genera's Quitrmn and ShieMs, nre repésente! is "grand and magnifirent affairs."- Tiip laiter was gracpd by the p:esence of nemly half the Senn'e, many nieinher of the House, and several members af the Cabinet. GiyThe Dcrnocracy of Ohio, in Stite Convention, have avoned their prefeconce for Cnxs for President, and no'ninatp.d C1. B. Wellpr, "the hro of Monte rey," fr Guvernor. It is a grcat time fr héroes about ihese diys. Thp vote on the resnlution nominatmg Cass to')d, for it 237 ; iginst it, 22!. 05" Wé hiivponhandn pet-'h of John P. H;ile in the U. S. Sen te gn the Vio.xii-an War, which we shrll try to publish at eng'h next vepk. OjMr. Gi idings, in r'ply to censurt hfsinwpd tin him for refusing to vo'e fol Winthrop for Speaker, min unces thnt hf ivouid support tl') man who ïU]pur!ed th War measLirrs. (L7Mr. Pierce has intro. Juce'J iiito thf Hüiimb a bil] to drfiue a liomestead ane xempt the simt from fn;ed s Ie ii reriain ca-es. It prövide thal n hom?stead s.h'11 cnsi-,1 of any quantiiy of land ii'it exce rfing fortv ncres, and the building and iin-provemenis thereon, 10 b' gplecttd bv t'ie owner, whio'h said lnni sl;all n'H bo includcd n nny lecorJpd tnn, plrtl or innorpomtei c ty or villnge. or insteal tharcot, ut the opiion of th ownor, a q'inntiiy of land, or homsiear' "fa finiilv, not exreeding one lt. beim in eiihrr of the laiter caeg w tliin aro Corriéd lown p!t. or incorporatod city o village: ownei and orrupipd hv any resident of tli's iaie, shnll noi be suhjact t. forceé sile on pxepution, rr nny oihpi finnl pnice&a from a ciurt for any d"b or d 'Ijt-', growlng nui ofor foun ied upoi conirnet, e tlier expres or lrnplled, Kiadt nfter the thlrd dny ot ]u]y, 1848.