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A Day n the South - I'h. lu al de partment o f a New O lems papr í ti 17tli inst , Contain ai) a -c imt ;f .i row in iho Commn Counc 1 Cha nVr, ('we should think such a Couneil lam-wtw une nimon,_J in the of vhich Mr. Mackey tivew no iuk s'an.i at Mr. Deáaul'e's !i6-id, tihiinií li"' "n ilie te;nii!e nn tpMtering ihe iük al ovor his fice. In thosvening, one Mrs. ,uiel a H ] nes roL-cedei to the h'juse of her f.iend, Mry Church, nnd ge hor a sever drubljii g wilh n cowhid,, muflí lu the amu-iftnent of a liighly exc t-d crowl of spectators, nnd grea'Iy to i fie latisfaotion ol herown inind, HÍH'urbpd by thegeenee;l ter. On the sartT! evening, wo nnmetl RimsrfZ, wore fcverely st.bbed in aíi i'fTrny-nnd ih amusement uf the d ij wer rfu.cluHed y vfri-". Margirel Milipf, wh') b' at h r hubaiid wiiliin au inch of his lile, inri as b 'und ner 1 1 keep the pea"e. Soma oT the lnd os wbo nttpnded Ln Roy Sunderland's lectures on Patheúsm n Boxton, hnvp preaetited trj him o gold watch vulued nt $228. Thb Milky Wat. - II is estimated thai 1. 023,200 gallons of tnilk are aiuuallv carritd over tlis Pittsburg roilroad. Mexicn Generala drpsg w. II if ihe do nt fighi bravely. Gen. Valer ■cía'. full uniform is snid to be worth 820 000, beiüg loadrd Wth g 1J nn.J dia.iiunds. Good ! - Tti? Plain dealer s: s thm the National Era, still in its fiist yrar, has a Inrger eïrcu'atioti tlian t!ie Union and tlie National Jilelltgencer cnnbined The ibalitiua of Sloverv was declnred in Si. Baits, an J U dependencio-, nn the 9th Ot:'. These ai e under ïhe dominion of Sweden. CC7"The Te'egrnph is in openiio" n-far as JAt'kson, mid he line is pr.-gre.-s ng towrrds Chicngo.