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Plank Roads In New York State

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Svracuse, N. Y., Jan. 1. 1848. Hearing so mach in this State, al th is time nbont Plank Roads, I stopped over a day here to visit and travel over the plank roads from Sauna to Brewertown. It is truly a luxury. I had thfl god fortune V meet here two committees, fromolher secliolis of the Stata, who carne to examine into thm. They meet and exceed all expectntion. While (he roads running parallel at adistnnce of two miles, each side and almot impassable from deep mud. l rode on the plank at the rale of eighl miles an hour, meeting leams going into ttrwll, uu an avel age, b vci V fliui lillllütès. The wood teams ger.era'.Iy had on a cord anda half. A number of racks containing over 100 sa!t barrels each, were going alor.g at a fast trot. The road lias been inoperalion 18 months. The wear for ihe first six months, 1 was informed was doublé what it has been the past year, as it is now well coated with mannre and din, which has caused a good coating and retarded splintering. The stock has divided 10 per cent regular - built fuur mües this season from earnings and still a surplus of 18 per et on hand. In other words, the receipts are not far fron 40 per cent nt toll of Ü cis. n inile. Such hns been ihe favor of pasl experiencp, th:it the citizens of Syracuse, have laken up stock for f ,ur more roads leadmg; from the villnge. By July, Syracuse will have no: far from 150 miles of plank roads leading 10 t. For a sleigh ride, a suponot one cannot be conjecturer!. During the four dnys of good sleighing here, the whole p'easurelravel sought Ihnt avenue. 7'he first gle, 3 milrs fïom town, louk an average of $40 a day - llie lo'ls being reduced lo ii cent a müe dtiring sieigliing. Over 1300 [lassrs occured in ten hours, ivhich was over two a minule. Thej were undpr t!ie i.ece-'ty of pissing foui