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Help For The Slaveholders

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Mr. Underwood (Whig) nf Kentucky, has announced that he will cali upon Congress for further legislation !o aid the slaveholders n recovering their fugiiive slaves. Beautiful, good, glorious ! Mr. Underwood a n earnest. He told an exceedingly pathetic talé lo the ossembled wisdom, which must have wrung tears from the dough-facesj if they ere at all well suppliod with onions. He snid a Kenluckiah, a gentleman, purstied ohe of his slaves lo Michigan and ihen arrësted hun, but (he slave turned the tables upöii him, and diredjy had him arrested - deplorable iiihumanity - had his own denr master arrested Tor an assaul?, incircera'.ed, döprived of precious libeny, and putinjail! Horrible to reídle ! There he might have staid lili his time hut for an honorable Michigan doügh.fac'ë; once an M. C- it takes an M. C. lo make a complete dough-face - Mr. Norvoll yes, his name was Norrell, on the Michigan bilis; he did his southern masier's bidding- who bailed him out. Mr. Underwood wants more law to prevent ihe recurrence of such ntrocities - law to prevent Ihe possibüity of a slaveholder's ever tuflering from ihe r coil of his own whip - law ló prevent his wetting his own precious lips with the posoned chaliee which he commends to the lip of his equal brolher. We are glad he has asked for this law. Oloriously glad ! Come on oíd feílows. If that law oC '93, which would disgrace Algiers, is nol sufhx-ient for you, say what yon want. You're men, sppak. Weshall like lo see Daniel Webs'ernnd nice Bobby Winthrop back here in Mass-iclnisctt-, aai look inlo their eyes end feel iheir noble pulses añer they have granted you something more devilish thnn the law of '93. You'll have Ihe poor cravens at yöuf féet, Mr. Underwood, begging you to spire tliem the nwful task, but don't you spare them. - Stick 'em up to the comprotnisps. Lash 'eni. Train 'ém - make hounds of them, you'll fi nd ihem trlclablè at last. As for Jack Hale, and Palfrey, and üiddings, and a f(?w more, do you nèver mind their furioui barking, ihey nre only sent to Corrgrpss to appease a few fanatics here at home. Rely upon it, Undarood,lhat the respcclalile Whigs and Democrats a' ihe nartb are perfeetíy horror-síruck ni the possibil (y of having n slaveholder lnse his íibefty on their soil, iñ the umi. able atiempt lo re-enslavo another man. - Chronolype. Mr. Hale, oí this Slale, spoke against the war in the Señale on Thursday last. Thé Journal of Commerce says, "Mr. Hale's vigorous speeches will certainlv rnake an impression amorg the poople, " and ihe N. Y. Herald, "Mr. Hale's speach was a most extraordinary demonstration. Hale is no cypher. He lenves his mark whcre he walks - and when he sp?a!;s, lie has, at lenst, the merit of a, boldness which stops neithe