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AADL Talks To: Rick Ayers, Former U-M Student Activist and Member of the SDS and Weather Underground

Rick Ayers
Rick Ayers

In this episode, AADL Talks To Rick Ayers. Rick is faculty emeritus at the University of San Francisco where he was an associate professor of education focusing on English language arts and teacher education. In the late 1960s, Rick followed his older brothers to the University of Michigan and was soon radicalized by the civil rights and anti-war movements, participating in protests and demonstrations with the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and the Weather Underground. Rick traces his fascinating journey as a draft dodger working with deserters in Canada through his decision to enlist in the U.S. Army where he would eventually go AWOL and live as a fugitive for seven years. Rick also shares his memories of the vibrant campus film culture and the people -- including girlfriend Gilda Radner -- who shaped his student experience at the university, and he reflects on the legacy of the 1960s protests in light of today’s political environment.

'Celebration of Spirit' at Friends Meetinghouse, February 1970 Photographer: Cecil Lockard

'Celebration of Spirit' at Friends Meetinghouse, February 1970 image
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Ann Arbor News, February 18, 1970
A 'Celebration of Spirit' The celebration of spirit' held at the Friends Meetinghouse since Monday evening as Peter Blood awaited arrest on draft evasion charges included quiet meditation, discussions and workshops on resistance to conscription, the environmental crisis, and radical faithfulness; worship and singing. A spokesman for the Quakers said although Blood (second from left, foreground) was arrested yesterday and arraigned this morning, the worship will probably continue this evening. Here a group of first arrivals are shown as yesterday afternoon they discussed what should be done when the federal marshals come.

Draft Board Here Is Vandalized

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