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Ann Arbor High School 880-Yard Relay Team, April 1944 Photographer: Eck Stanger

Ann Arbor High School 880-Yard Relay Team, April 1944 image
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Ann Arbor News, April 18, 1944
PIONEER RELAY TEAM VICTORIOUS OVER BIG FIELD: Ann Arbor High's 880-yard relay team, snapped in action here with only one foot touching the ground, from left to right, Henry Platt, Lee McQuiston, Phil Mercado and Bill Haidler, emerged victorious over more than 20 teams in Saturday's River Rouge Invitational meet in Yost Field House. But the Pioneers nearly chawed their fingernails off before being assured of winning. The event was run off in six sections and Ann Arbor was in the first section. Although the Pioneer club's time was 1:40.1, which is pretty fair, it wasn't so far out of class that victory was certain. So Coach Tim Ryan and the quartet above waited impatiently as section after section reeled by in slower times than 1:40.1.