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AA Club Picnic, June 27, 1937

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Ann Arbor News, June 28, 1937
A. A. CLUB MEMBERS HOLD PICNIC: Members of the A. A. club, an organization composed of letter winners at Ann Arbor high school, turned out in large numbers for their fourth annual picnic held yesterday at Independence Lake. Left to right, standing, G. Heintzman, D. Warner, D. Morton, J. Ramsey, B. Root, R. Burg, H. Schmid, B. Seeger, G. Burg, D. Grey, B. Mayfield, A. Royce, E. Tessmer, B. Pegan, F. Walsh, K. Wagern, G. Dillman, M. Hintz, R. Schmid, T. Dillman, H. Gauss, F. Kurtz and W. Wilson. Bottom row, F. Schmid, D. Dunlap, C. Nancy, W. Canfield, G. Widemeyer, A. Toney, B. Shankland, W. Frey, P. Hanna, R. Hiscock, A. Gillespie, F. Weber, E. Wenzel, R. Alexnader, A. Novak, W. Wagner, E. Williams, J. Crippen, W. Wines, H. Pahbe, C. Hahn L. Cody, P. Schaeffer, P. Lavener and Goetz.