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Dr. Robert E. Moyers and Rhododendrons, May 1973

Dr. Robert E. Moyers and Rhododendrons, May 1973 image
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Ann Arbor News, May 31, 1973
Prizewinning Rhododendron Dr. Robert E. Moyers, director of the University's Center for Human Growth and Development and U-M professor of dentistry, took the first, second, and third place awards in the new hybrid seedlings not in commerce section at the American Rhododendron Society's annual meeting and national show this past week in Pittsburgh, Pa. The plant at left which swept the prizes is a cross between the Japanese variety and the Smirowii rhododendrons; the blossoms are apple pink. Moyers has been growing and crossing rhododendrons for the past 10 years and is a member of the Ann Arbor Rhododendron Club, whose President is Dr. Dorin L. Hinerman, U-M Medical School professor of pathology. The local club has established a Rhododendron display and garden at the U-M's Botanical Gardens on Dixboro Rd., which is now in bloom and open to public viewing. The Great Lakes Chapter of the society was host for this year's show. Moyers lives at 1035 Country Club Rd.