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Anna Hedledsky's party for WWII soldiers, August 1945 Photographer: Attributed to Eck Stanger

Anna Hedledsky's party for WWII soldiers, August 1945 image
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Ann Arbor News, August 7, 1945
PARTY FOR MEN ON FURLOUGH: About 40 guests, most of whom are either liberated prisoners of war or on 30-day leaves before pushing on to the Pacific, were entertained Saturday night at the home of Mrs. John Hedlesky, 703 Moore St., the party being in the nature of a "Hello", "Goodbye", and a "Happy birthday to Pfc. Michael Hedlesky." Pictured, left to right, are Mrs. Hedlesky, the hostess, Pvt. Robert Nichols, Mrs. Lena Parsons and her husband, T/Sgt. Orval Parsons holding their son Jimmie; Pvt. Orrie Dean and Miss Toni Hedlesky an ex-Wave; Cpt. Frank Smolnikar, Marine, on convalescent leave from Great Lakes hospital after 40 months overseas; Pfc. Michael Hedlesky on his 20th birthday; Miss Marjorie Crippen, Cpt. Joe Rodriguez, Mrs. Dee Rodriguez, Sgt. John Smith, Miss Frances Alexander, T/Sgt. Warren Ross, and Mrs. Catheine Carnes.