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AACHM Oral History: James Anderson, Jr.

Sun, 09/11/2016 - 12:59pm

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James Anderson, Jr., was born on October 23, 1937 and lived on Miner Street where he attended Mack School. James built a career in real estate and recalls the few blocks in the Mack school area where African Americans could live at that time, and how housing has changed over the years, from segregation through today. He remembers the bond drives during WWII and some of the businesses in town. James also worked on behalf of the JCs to establish Washtenaw Community College and was a trustee for 19 years.

African American Church Members Sell and Buy Bonds, September 1943 Photographer: Eck Stanger

African American Church Members Sell and Buy Bonds, September 1943 image
Published In
Ann Arbor News, September 9, 1943
Members of the Bethel AME church invested $1,000 in War Bonds yesterday to "Back the Attack" today and to provide future security for the church. From left to right in the picture are Rev. J. W. Wright, pastor of the church, Walter Harrison, a trustee, Mrs. Emma Harrison, Mrs. Harry Hill, Mrs. Edward Watson and Mrs. Clayton Fox, all Gallants. Mrs. Harrison is selling Bonds as a representative of the Nurses Guild of the Bethel AME church. Representatives of the colored associations in town will also sell War Bonds from Bond booths tomorrow.