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Sgt. Marland 'Red' Howard's Funeral - July 15, 1949

Sgt. Marland 'Red' Howard's Funeral - July 15, 1949 image
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Ann Arbor News, July 15, 1949
City Police officers and firemen stood at somber attention as the body of Sgt. Marland (Red) Howard, veteran police officer who died Tuesday, was borne from funeral services at St. Thomas Church this morning. Bearing the casket of the jovial Irishman who became a town and campus figure during 40 years of service on the force are (starting at the rear left and going counter-clockwise) pall bearers Chief Casper Enkemann, George Kaercher, William Marz, Probate Judge Jay H. Payne, John Dwyer, and Patrolman Ben Ball.