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Training Meeting for Kiwanis' Officers, November 1940

Training Meeting for Kiwanis' Officers, November 1940 image
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Ann Arbor News, November 19, 1940
TRAINING MEETING FOR KIWANIS' OFFICERS: Officers-elect of the sixth Michigan division of Kiwanis International were given instructions in their new duties at a training conference last night at the Michigan Union. Represented were clubs from Wayne, Plymouth, South Lyon, Ypsilanti, Chelsea, Dexter and Ann Arbor, and a special guest was the governor-elect of the Michigan district, Bert Parrish, of Battle Creek. Some of those at the speakers' table, from left to right, were: Lewis C. Reimann, Ann Arbor; Mr. Parrish; Arthur E. Crippen, Ann Arbor; Forney W. Clement, district secretary; Harold J. Barnum, president of the Ann Arbor Kiwanis Club; and V. O. Nelson, club secretary.