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John Syler At Lesbian-Gay Pride Rally, June 1986 Photographer: Jim Jagdfeld

John Syler At Lesbian-Gay Pride Rally, June 1986 image
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Ann Arbor News, June 22, 1986
An estimated 75 people turned out Saturday to celebrate gay and lesbian rights at a rally in front of the Federal Building in downtown Ann Arbor. There were more balloons than people at the festive meeting, sponsored by GLOHRYA, the Gay-Lesbian Organization for Human Rights-Ypsilanti/Ann Arbor, and the Lesbian Gay Pride Week Planning Committee. John Syler, left, co-founder of GLOHRYA, holds balloons while helping out with rally preparations. Crowd, above, listens to speakers. The rally was one of a number of events for Lesbian-Gay Pride Week, observed June 15-28. Speakers reiterated demands paraded past the building by sign carriers: "Gay, straight, black, white, same struggle, same fight," "You look just like us, We look just like you," claimed two signs, standing side by side. And another offered up a message for politicians: "Just another gay Michigan vote," it said. Speakers called for "full rights for gays and an end to racism, sexism" in the legislature, at the University of Michigan and in the city of Ann Arbor.