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AACHM Oral History: Sandra Harris

Sandra HarrisSandra Harris was born in 1952 in West Virginia, where her father was a coal miner. Her family moved to Ann Arbor when she was in second grade. Harris remembers being on the homecoming court at Pioneer High School and participating in student-led marches during the late 1960s. She received her bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees from Eastern Michigan University. She was a school administrator in the Ann Arbor Public Schools as well as other districts. In addition to her service as an educator, she was also a longtime caretaker for her nephew and her mother.

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Ann Arbor High School Students Practice For Spring Music Night, May 1962 Photographer: Duane Scheel

Ann Arbor High School Students Practice For Spring Music Night, May 1962 image
Published In:
Ann Arbor News, May 17, 1962
There Shall Be Music: Representing various parts of tomorrow night's Ann Arbor High School Spring Music Night are (left to right) Carl Maulbetsch, Pat Ashford, Jan Schneider and Chilton Cunningham.
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AACHM Oral History: Patricia Manley

Pat ManleyPatricia Ashford Manley was born in 1945 in Ann Arbor, and she was raised by her mother. She remembers attending Jones Elementary School and trying out for cheerleading at Ann Arbor High School. Manley graduated from Western Michigan University in 1970 and later earned her master’s in counseling from Eastern Michigan University. She worked as a teacher, cheerleading coach, and guidance counselor at Huron High School for thirty-one years, and was principal of Thurston Elementary School for ten years. She and her husband Lamont Manley enjoy traveling and going to concerts together. They have been married for 43 years.

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AACHM Oral History: William Hampton


William Hampton

William Hampton was born in 1948 in Tyler, Texas, and his grandmother was the midwife. He remembers attending church revival picnics, the Texas Rose Festival, and the Juneteenth parade in his hometown. While attending college in Arlington, Texas, he was active in the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity. He went on to launch a Section 8 subsidized housing program in Arlington and in Ann Arbor, where he worked in the community development office. Mr. Hampton has been president of the Ann Arbor chapter of the NAACP since 2005.

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