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Ypsilanti Kiwanians Work at New Park, July 1955

Ypsilanti Kiwanians Work at New Park, July 1955 image
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Ann Arbor News, July 11, 1955
COMMUNITY WORK BEE AT NEW YPSILANTI PARK: Ypsilanti Kiwanians, aided by volunteer workers and members of American Legion Post 408, spent all day Saturday at the new Park Ridge park, installing swings and other playground equipment, mowing grass on the 12-acre site and setting posts (above) for an elaborate circle drive and parking area. It was the fifth such work bee since Kiwanians undertook development of the southside area last year. Here, Andrew F. Smith (right), chairman of the Kiwanis committee sponsoring the project, aids Louis J. Kress (center) and Ypsilanti High School Coach Ron Isbell install posts marking the circle drive.