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Rick Danko 'At The Ark': His Last Concert

Rick Danko, a founding member of ”The Band,” and its bass player, also one of the lead singers, played his last concert at “The Ark” on December 6, 1999. I was there that night. 

Pete Seeger at the Michigan Theater, March 1981 Photographer: Robert Chase

Pete Seeger at the Michigan Theater, March 1981 image
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Ann Arbor News, March 22, 1981
VINTAGE SEEGER -- Folk singer Pete Seeger charmed the audience at the Michigan Theatre Saturday afternoon, and very few in the sellout crowd left with frowns on their faces, or without songs in their hearts, or without feeling a little more hopeful about it all than they had a couple of hours before. A review of Seeger's benefit performance for the Ark by Jeff Mortimer will appear in Monday's Ann Arbor News