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Dr. Chen-To Tai's Children Eat Dinner, January 1965

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Ann Arbor News, January 6, 1965
It is easy to please everyone at a large Chinese dinner when there are enough dishes to include each person's favorite. When the Chen To Tai family of N. Zeeb Rd., Scio township, celebrates the Chinese New Year the first of February each child's favorite dish will be on the table. Here (left to right) Jimmy, Bing, Arthur, Julie, and David are having Chinese ham, beef with oyster sauce, sweet and sour cucumbers and fried mushrooms. Their parents, Prof. and Mrs. Chen To Tai, are from Soochow, China, and their hometown cooking is famous throughout China. This cuisine is a little sweeter than most Chinese cooking, and not as oily as Cantonese nor as spicy as that from Northern China.

Tai, Chen-To

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