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AADL Talks To: Marc and Jeff Taras

Marc Taras smiles at the camera over his shoulder while holding a vinyl record. Two men are seen looking through records in crates in the background.
Marc Taras, 1981

In this episode, AADL talks to Marc and Jeff Taras, brothers and founders of PJ’s Used Records. Marc and Jeff tell us about the origin of the store, how they've managed to maintain a close relationship despite being in business together, and the customers who meant so much to them. For 37 years the store survived the rise and fall in popularity of genres and formats, including witnessing the foretold death of vinyl only for it to surge in popularity again.

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Advertisement for PJ's Records & Used CDs. A man in a suit holds a sign with a line graph that says "you buy one tape, LP or CD per week and we'll have this economy moving' in no time!" A woman and man look at the sign.
Advertisement for PJ's Records & Used CDs, 1997

Ann Arbor 200
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AADL Talks To: Steve Bergman

Steve Bergman resting his chin on his right hand. Shelves of CDs and two men are browsing in the background.
Steve Bergman at Schoolkids' Records, January 1995

In this episode, Steve Bergman talks about founding Schoolkids’ Records in Ann Arbor. Steve tells us about the origins of his passion for music, visits from artists, and the eventual record label that helped capture Ann Arbor’s local talent. 

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Mentioned in this episode: “Local price war hits albums costs” from the September 25, 1976 edition of the Michigan Daily.

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JCC Conversations | Mark Braun

Learn about Mark’s adventures including putting the bike with the piano on a boat and towing it with the help of volunteer swimmers from St. Ignace to Mackinac Island.

Mr. B is a blues and boogie-woogie pianist who has become one of the premiere purveyors of a vanishing art. Having learned his craft first-hand from the early masters, he is a rare living link to the first generation of blues and boogie pianists.

Steeped in the rich legacy of this tremendously exciting music, Mr. B learned directly from blues and boogie legends like Little Brother Montgomery, Boogie Woogie Red, and Blind John Davis.

September Dances

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Mark Braun & Family On The Stairway In Their Home, July 1994 Photographer: D. A. Biermann

Mark Braun & Family On The Stairway In Their Home, July 1994 image
Published In:
Ann Arbor News, August 14, 1994
Mark Braun, also known as musician Mr. B; his daughter, Sarah, 16 months; and his wife, Jane Taylor, on the stairway of their northside Ann Arbor home. The bas-relief animals along the railing are hand carved. The painted turtles along the steps are also done by hand.