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County Board of Supervisors on Ann Arbor Courthouse Steps, 1939 Photographer: Eck Stanger

County Board of Supervisors on Ann Arbor Courthouse Steps, 1939 image
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Ann Arbor News, October 28, 1973
From Our Pictorial Archives: Ann Arbor 1939 You've heard about the days when the township supervisors ran county government, with each township represented on the Board of Supervisors. That's the way it was in October 1939 when this picture was taken on the courthouse steps in downtown Ann Arbor. Somebody said, "so what's new?" but if townships are in control today, they are urbanized and not rural townships. At least two front row supervisors are holding cigars and, as any reporter on the county beat in those days will tell you, county business was conducted in smoke-filled rooms. County government was clean, although perhaps not as finely tuned in to the needs and wishes of constituents as today. Members of the board, left to right, were: Front row - John S. Miller, Fred G. Broesamle, Albert C. Stein (above), Donald Comstock (below), Mrs. George Alber, Herman Oelke (below), Mrs. Carruth Cook (she took the minutes), Carl Mast, G. E. Townsend, Fitch Forsythe (above), James Galbraith (below) and Herbert L. Kennett (above). Second row - Fred Blumhart, Freeman Weber, Edward Foster, Herbert P. Wager, Bernard MacIlhargy, Fred Williams, Lloyd Lyke and Gilbert Madden. Third row - Samuel Morgan, Edwin Schaible, William Manchester, Emory Mullholland, Albert Rider, Charles Waltz and Homer Stofer. Top row - George Gaudy, Carl W. Carr, Albert Trinkle, Harry S. Cole, Lewis C. Rhoades, Leigh Beach and John Cosner. Retired County Clerk Louella M. Smith helped complete the identifications.

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