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What's With all the Gossip?

Fri, 05/12/2006 - 10:32am by erin


So the first book in the [t:Gossip Girl] series by [a:Cecily Von Ziegesar] was published 4 years ago and the 9th book in the series [t:Only in your dreams] just came out, but after [a:Naomi Wolf] wrote a [|scathing editorial] in the [a:New York Times] about this series and their read-alikes [t:Clique] and The [k:Dean A-List|A-List] everyone has been talking about it. Yes, they are basically [k:Sex and The City parker|Sex and The City] for teens filled with consumerism and fun without consequences. Are they any worse than anything as popular that came before them? [w:flowers in the attic|No]. Are they flashier and better marketed? Definitely. Any teen who is reading these books - as opposed to watching the rampant fun without consquences on TV or online - is a teen I wouldn't worry about. Because *reading* is what separates the teens you worry about from the ones you don't.