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AACHM Oral History: Thekla Mitchell

Sun, 11/08/2020 - 9:27am

Thekla Mitchell

Thekla Mitchell: Thekla White was born in 1921 in Newport, Arkansas, the youngest of nine siblings. At age 22, she traveled to Ann Arbor to visit her sister. After getting a job at Cunningham’s Drug Store, she decided to stay. She worked at the University of Michigan Hospital as a nurses’ aid and laboratory assistant in the Pathology Department for 24 years. Known as “Dimples” to friends and family, Mrs. Mitchell was active in community organizations including the Ann Arbor Civic Club and the Order of the Eastern Stars.

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Jones School

Jones School was an anchor of Ann Arbor’s historically Black neighborhood (what is now Kerrytown) from the early twentieth century until 1965. Many living Ann Arbor residents remember attending Jones School during the Civil Rights Era. In 1964 the Ann Arbor Board of Education acknowledged that, with over 75% Black students, Jones was a “de facto” segregated school. Jones School closed in 1965, and several years later the building reopened as Community High School.

Pioneer High School Track Team, June 1969

Pioneer High School Track Team, June 1969 image
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Ann Arbor News, June 1, 1969
Joining the News Honor Roll of Champions after its six-A League and Belleville Regional championships is the Pioneer High track team, undefeated in seven dual meet starts. In foreground, flanking the Class A regional and Albion Innovational runner up trophies are Russ Kennedy, left, and Edd Fetters while in first row are Brad Fienberg, Walter Hill, Bob Heinonen, Lincoln Schoch, Tom Olencki, Don Newman, Dick Evans, Skip Burck, Palmer Schoch, and Maurice Reece. Second Row, again from left, are Bill Twining, Fred Crawford, Dan Bertos, Paul Gibson, Don Johnson, Garrion Campbell, Mike Bridge, Cliff Slay, Cornell Kirkland, and Don Blanchard, head coach. Third row, Nick Kellum, assistant coach, Pete Murtaugh, Dave Curby, Phil Schneeberger, Mickey Smith, Tim Bender, Ricky Mial, Bruce Robinson, Mark Lohela, Mike Vaal, and manager Eric Johnston. In fourth row, also from left, are Don Cristoff, Ben Davis, Rick Pink, Bob Hartwell, Tom Coates, Dave Downey, Carlton Davis, Jim Kuchera, Mike Hicks, Roozbeh Kahalili, Greg Bairnsdale, and Bob Jones. Missing is assistant coach Don Sleeman.

Community Center To Hold Banquet

Community Center To Hold Banquet image
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