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PreK Bits - "P" is for PERFECT PLANs

Wed, 11/22/2017 - 8:02pm

Ms Rachel brought African tales to Storytime.
Following troubles ... Each tale ended with a PERFECT PLAN.
HEAD, BODY, LEGS is a tale from Liberia. Head makes a perfect plan that gets all the body parts working together.
WOODY'S 20 Grow Big Songs has a recorded version of the song/game “Pick It Up”. We dropped our noses (and other parts) by accident. How embarrassing !! But we put othings back together. Knowing how to fix things is a good plan too!
LEOPARD’S DRUM is an Asanti Tale from West Africa. Tiny Turtle was the one who made a PERFECT PLAN.

For more tales with PERFECT PLANS try these favorites;
DOG And BEAR: Three To Get Ready … three plans that make good friends.
The SECRET PLAN … for bedtime.
SHH! WE HAVE A PLAN! … sometimes they work and sometimes you need to revise.
OH NO GEORGE! … sometimes it’s a poor plan.
JETHRO And JOEL WERE A TROLL … a Troll with two heads? Hoo boy! Who’s in charge? They need to make a better plan ….
The CARPENTER ... what do you do with a measuring tape? Make plans !!
OLLIE And CLAIRE ... hohum turns into fun when Claire makes a new plan.

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PreK Bits - "Q" is for Quiet

Wed, 11/08/2017 - 8:37pm

This week Ms. Rachel presented stories that needed quiet.
SLEEPYHEADS ... where every quiet creature lays their sleepy head. Wait! One little sleepyhead is not in their bed!
Ms. Betsy played guitar and Ms. Rachel led the Quiet/Loud action song "Wake Up You Sleepy Heads".
You can hear the "Sleepy Heads" song on the recording SING IT! SAY IT! STAMP IT! SWAY IT! ... along with more favorite childhood songs!
The SQUEAKY DOOR had a Grandma putting her Grand-children to bed in the big double bed. It was time for quiet.

For more books that find "quiet" try the following favorites:
QUIET BUNNY'S MANY COLORS ... find them in the garden.
The QUIET BOOK ... very thoughtful, lovely prose, and beautiful gentle illustrations.
SHH! WE HAVE A PLAN ... who needs to be quiet?
TIPTOE JOE ... tiptoe to be quiet.
HANK FINDS AN EGG ... on a quiet walk in the woods. What shall he do?
The FAMILY BEDTIME TREASURY: Tales For Sleepy Times and Sweet Dreams ... a treasure trove in one book!
BEDTIME FOR BEAR ... with a "small but effervescent" overnight guest. Delightful storytelling and illustrations!
Find a cozy space.
Good Night!
Sleep Tight.

When you wake up the next day .... sing along with Joanie Bartels and MORNING MAGIC songs.

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"F" is for FOX

Wed, 11/01/2017 - 8:43pm

Ms Rachel brought FOX tales to Storytime.
In FLOSSIE And The FOX ... Flossie has to get her basket of eggs safely to Ms. Viola’s house.
Flossie doesn’t know what a fox looks like but she figures it out.
During “A-Hunting We Will Go” we found many rhyming things ... "And We Always Let Them Go!"
Finally .... we sang along with the GINGERBREAD GIRL … as she planned a more successful ending to the classic story of the GINGERBREAD BOY.

For more FOXES and more fun tales try these favorites:
HOW TO FIND A FOX ... can she do it?
LITTLE FOX In The FOREST ... a book without words. You use your own to describe the "magical world" the fox leads you to.
APPLES For LITTLE FOX ... This little fox's first mystery!
MY LITTLE FOX ... little fox's first year in the woods.
ROSIE'S WALK ... a classic. Watch the pictures as you read the story....
The TOMTEN And The FOX ... another classic. The little gnome-like Tomten is there to protect the hen house.
SHELTER ... a proverb, as well as a "fox story".
PANDORA ... an imaginary world grows around Pandora the fox, and Pandora gently tends to it.

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PreK Bits - "T" is for TOOLS

Wed, 10/25/2017 - 6:37pm

Ms Rachel and Banjo Betsy worked with TOOLS today.
OLD MacDONALD HAD A WOODSHOP ... and she built a toy farm for the animals to play with!
"Camille (and Johnny) Worked With One Hammer" ... and then they worked with more ... until they went to sleep.
THREE LITTLE PIGS ... each little pig built their own house ... with TOOLS of course!
"Screw it down. Hammer it tight. Built it up. Make it right!"

For more stories with TOOLS try these favorites:
GOODNIGHT LAB: a Scientific Parody ... if you know GOODNIGHT MOON you can love this too.

There are so many parodies of The THREE LITTLE PIGS ... you might like to compare the stories:
THREE LITTLE JAVELINAS ... a bilingual story.
Richard Scarry's BEST NURSERY TALES EVER ... and "Three Little Pigs" is one fo the tales.
The THREE LITTLE PIGS ... a turned story by James Marshall.
The TRUE STORY Of The THREE LITTLE PIGS ... from the Wolf's point-of-view.
Who's afraid? Not ME !!

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PreK Bits - "A" is for APPLE

Wed, 10/04/2017 - 7:52pm

Ms. Rachel presented an apple theme in Storytime this week.
GOBBLE GOBBLE MOOOO TRACTOR BOOK … the day Farmer Brown slept-in, the animals drove the tractor!
We clapped out letters to the “Apple Bingo” song … A-P-P-L-E !!
APPLE PIE … "Botheration!" That enormous juicy apple is up so high. However can we get it and put it in our pie?"

Fall is apple season and here are more apple books:
APPLESAUCE DAY ... this is the day that comes after you visit the orchard and bring home apples. One more kind of busy....
TEN APPLES UP ON TOP ... a "beginning Reader" title.
FROM APPLE TREES TO CIDER PLEASE ... "Grab the wagon. It's a bright autumn day!".
A APPLE PIE … a traditional apple pie alphabet with illustrations by Gennady Spirin.
APPLES A to Z … and apple alphabet and primer.
TEN RED APPLES .. a counting book.
FLORENTINE And PIG ... includes recipes for a fine fall picnic!
The APPLE ORCHARD RIDDLE … the class field trip to the orchard.
LITTLE APPLE GOAT … how the trees were planted.
For more Fall related titles … see PreK Bits – FALL stories for 1-6 yrs. Old … an AADL Public List of titles for preschool and young elementary ages.

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PreK Bits - "H" is for HOUSE and HOME !

Wed, 09/27/2017 - 5:03pm

Ms. Rachel's Storytime Theme this week was House and Home.
First ... WE WERE TIRED Of LIVING IN A HOUSE ... "so we moved out!"
psst! The books are wearing out ... but you can still get a copy from another Library through MelCat.
We sang "Wheels On The Bus" ... for our "action song".
SHOE TOWN ... Mama Mouse moved into a shoe, once her babies were all grown. Folks began to knock. "May I come in?"
Mama Mouse suggested, "If you find your own shoe it could go there and you could be my neighbor"!

Here are more stories of "HOME" for you to check out:
LITTLE HOME BIRD ... Little Bird loves everything about his home. He's surrounded by his favorite branch, his favorite food, his favorite view and his favorite music. =-)
HOME FOR A BUNNY ... a classic by Margaret Wise Brown!
The BEAR And The PIANO ... home is where you are happy.
The NOT-SO-FARAWAY ADVENTURE ... with grandfather.
WELCOME HOME BEAR: A Book Of Animal Habitats.
HOME LOVELY ... moving to a new home and making it "lovely".
LITTLE HOUSES: A Counting Book.
JULIA'S HOUSE FOR LOST CREATURES ... and everyone has a job to do to make it work well.
All BECAUSE "Home is where the HEART is."

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PreK Bits - "P" is for PETS ... particularly puppies!

Wed, 09/13/2017 - 6:39pm

Ms. Rachel and Ms. Betsy brought songs and stories about pets to Storytime.
DOGGIES ... Stuffed dogs act-out the story and the audience barks along. The book is a modern classic by Sandra Boynton.
We sang “B-I-N-G-O” ... which can be found on youth CDs SONGS & STORIES For KIDS, BABY BOOST: 48 Interactive Sing-a-longs For Your Little One and LITTLE PEOPLE: Songs From The Farm.
To celebrate the theme we found our puppy parts and played the "Puppy Pokey" together.
ANY of these CDs will have the original song "The Hokey Pokey" ... AND you'll find more fun songs to dance and sing along with too!
15 ANIMALS ... another modern classic by Sandra Boynton. Now we know how to spell "Bob" !

For more famous DOG stories try the following favorites:
RAGWEED’S FARM DOG HANDBOOK by Anne Vittur Kennedy ... Learn From The Best!
HARRY The DIRTY DOG and NO ROSES For HARRY ... old dog classics by Gene Zion.
BUDDY And EARL and BUDDY And Earl And The GREAT BIG BABY ... new dog classics by Maureen Fergus.
MISS MOON: Wise Words From A Dog Governess by Janet Hill ... wise words for All with beautiful illustrations!
ZORRO GETS AN OUTFIT and MR BUD WEARS The CONE by Carter Goodrich ... a pitch-perfect dog point-of-view.
BARK GEORGE by Jules Feiffer... a dog fantasy.
The DOGHOUSE ... critters go in but they don't come out. Surprise?
WE LOVE YOU ROSIE! ... Oh Yes! We Do!
SIMON'S NEW BED ... Simon gets a new bed and someone else is in it!
For screen-time try the DVD BARK GEORGE And More Doggie Tails by Weston Woods Studios.
WOOF! ... snooff snurff ... doggie treat, Please.
... pant ... pant ...
Wooff !!

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PreK Bits - "K" is for KANGAROOs

Wed, 09/06/2017 - 6:00pm

Ms. Rachel presented kangaroo stories in Storytime.
POUCH! is a story of 2 baby kangaroos ... just growing out of the pouch!
In the “I’m a Kangaroo” song ... we have lots of bounces and "BOINGS" to do.
KATY NO-POCKET is the story of Katy who has no pouch to keep her baby close.

If you like kangaroos and you like stories, here are more favorite kangaroos:
NIGHTY-NIGHT COOPER by Laura Joffe Numeroff.
HEART In The POCKET by Laurence Bourguignon.
Now you can "hop and jump all day!".
Do you have a pouch?

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PreK Bits - ICE CREAM you scream. We all scream for ICE CREAM !

Wed, 08/30/2017 - 4:12pm

Ms. Rachel brought stories of ICE CREAM to Preschool Storytime.
WEMBERLY’S ICE CREAM STAR by Kevin Henkes ... is about a tea party for two ... and one ice cream cone.
We marched to "The Tempo Marches On" which you can find on the CD JIM GILL SINGS DO-RE-MI ... an action song by Jim Gill.
Jim Gill's CDs have loads of active play songs to make you sing and dance a lot.
ONCE AROUND The BLOCK ... is the story of a boring afternoon with Beatrice until .... she takes a walk around the block.
AADL no longer owns a copy, so you can borrow a copy through MelCat with your AADL Library card.

For more ICE CREAM stories ... try the following:
ICE CREAM SUMMER … letters to Grandparents and … ICE CREAM !
AND THEN COMES SUMMER ... a book about seasons.
VANILLA ICE CREAM ... by Bob Graham.
VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR … there IS ice cream in this story !
JOONE …. Likes ice cream and turtles and colors purple and orange ….
MY DAD At The ZOO … a silly story with Dad.
MINJI’S SALON … a silly story with Mom.
MAX’S DRAGON SHIRT … and out-of-control ice cream.
Try not to drip.
Happy Summer !

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PreK Bits - "G" is for Grandparents !

Wed, 08/23/2017 - 6:58pm

Ms. Rachel did stories about grandparents @ Malletts Creek Branch this week.

BUNNY MONEY ... Ruby and Max go to buy a birthday gift for grandmother.
“Peel The Banana” was our activity rhyme. We prepared "Fruit Salad" for the party. We peeled ... apples, oranges, bananas .... mmmm ... and then avacados for the guacamole dip!

"The Lonely Little Candle" is an original story the Librarians pass around. The grandpa knows what's missing ... the "Little Candle" for the party!
There is not a book to tell this story. You need to remember it (and make up the parts you can't remember). =-)

For more stories with GrandParents in them ... try these favorites:
The HELLO GOODBYE WINDOW … the window is at Grandpa and Grandma’s house.
TWO IS ENOUGH … to have family fun together.
GRANDPA’S GIRLS … love to visit his farm … and share memories.
HOW To TAKE YOUR GRANDMOTHER To The MUSEUM ... a guide book that can also relate to Grandfathers!
MR FRANK ... grandfather moves in with the family and he has a special talent!
The LINES ON NANA’S FACE … each set of wrinkles reminds a child of favorite things they have done together.
OUR GRANDPARENTS: A Global Album … a beautiful multi-cultural photo essay of grandparents with grandchildren around the world.
HOW To BABYSIT A GRANDPA ... lots of great suggestions here!
HOW To BABYSIT A GRANDMA ... and more suggestions here!
HERE COMES GRANDMA is a story of all the transportation Grandma uses to get to her Grandson
OR … choose stories from GrandMothers and GrandFathers In Picture Books.

If you are a SKYPE grandparent, you can pick a story from Ms Rachel's Favorite Books to Read to Babies and read it to your grandbaby ... near or far.