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CDVO: Victory Garden Reading Room, April 1943 Photographer: Attributed to Eck Stanger

CDVO: Victory Garden Reading Room, April 1943 image
Published In
Ann Arbor News, April 24, 1943
CDVO MAKES NEEDED GARDENING INFORMATION AVAILABLE: If correct knowledge before the fact is prerequisite to War Gardening success, the Neigborhood War Garden Committee is doing its bit towards making Ann Arbor plots bloom green with vegetables this year. The committee has established a Garden Reading Center in the Armory where would-be-growers can brush up on technical facts before going too far in their plantings. Shown taking advantage of the center's facilities are Mrs. A. K. Stevens (back to camera, scar on head), of S. Marshall Ct; Mrs. F. M. Hull, 1519 Shadford Rd., seated, and Mrs. Oscar Boehnke, 1503 Linwood Ave., standing at end of table. Behind the table dispensing the information and literature are Mrs. A. S. Whitney and Mrs. Raleigh Schorling.