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Star Wars: The Last Jedi!


Alright folks! We are officially one week away from the biggest film release this year: [|Star Wars: The Last Jedi]! To help you prepare for this monumental event, we've pulled together a list of just some of the hundreds of awesome Star Wars items in our collection.

To start with, we have all of the previous movies on DVD: [b:1468991|the original trilogy] (consisting of A New Hope, The Empire Strike Back and Return of the Jedi), [b:1489278|the prequel trilogy] (consisting of The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith), [b:1491313|The Force Awakens], and [b:1509422|Rogue One]. All of these movies are also available on Blu-Ray.

Kids have lots of movie options as well. First on the list is the [b:1503519|Clone Wars television series] and the [b:1471601|Clone Wars Lost Missions], as well as the stand-alone movie [b:1324346|The Clone Wars]. We also have multiple seasons of the television series [b:1481682|Star Wars Rebels], as well as the stand-alone movie [b:1463334|Rebels: Spark of Rebellion]. The LEGO Star Wars movies are also popular, consisting of [b:1426780|The Empire Strikes Out], the [b:1480189|New Yoda Chronicles], [b:1417145|Padawan Menace], and [b:1489193|Droid Tales]. LEGO Star Wars has a television series as well, called [b:1503952|The Freemaker Adventures].

We have many of the soundtracks from the Star Wars films and television shows, including those for [b:1119927|A New Hope], [b:1120616|The Empire Strikes Back], [b:1217540|Return of the Jedi], [b:1156644|The Phantom Menace], [b:1193688|Attack of the Clones], [b:1253620|Revenge of the Sith], [b:1487570|The Force Awakens], [b:1504338|Rogue One], and [b:1320493|The Clone Wars]. A soundtrack of the original trilogy is available [b:1310936|here], and a CD of instrumental solos is available [b:1381035|here].

We have tons of kids books about Star Wars. For babies, we have board books such as [b:1476236| Epic Yarns: A New Hope] and [b:1487088|Return of the Jedi]. Picture books include [b:1515494|BB-8 on the Run] and [b:1487040|Han and Chewie Return!]. For children just learning to read, we have Readers such as [b:1440877|Are Ewoks Scared of Stormtroopers?], [b:1489356|Death Star Battle], [b:1386989|R2-D2 and Friends], and [b:1422450|Jedi Heroes]. Chapter books for kids include [b:1456181|Darth Maul: Shadow Conspiracy], [b:1459555|Rise of the Rebels], and [b:1486456|Before the Awakening]. Star Wars comic books are very popular, and include [b:1493337|The Original Trilogy], [b:1360794|Crash Course], [b:1462247|Jedi Academy], and [b:1382779|Star Wars Adventures]. Nonfiction reads include [b:1502201|The Amazing Book of Star Wars], [b:1487717|5 Minute Star Wars Stories], [b:1485617|Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know], [b:1471736|Ultimate Star Wars], [b:1402083|The Star Wars Craft Book], and [b:1486436|Incredible Cross-Sections]. We even have Star Wars books for kids in languages other than English, such as the Spanish language book [b:1328200|La Guerra de los Clones Aventuras].

For a full list of Star Wars children's books, see these public lists: [:user/lists/74958|Star Wars Readers], [:user/lists/74960|Star Wars Chapter Books], [:user/lists/74961|Star Wars Graphic Novels for Kids], [:user/lists/74962|Star Wars Nonfiction for Kids], and [:user/lists/74963|Star Wars Kids Books in World Languages].

Teens have plenty to choose from too. Most take the form of graphic novels, including [b:1365314|The Clone Wars series], [b:1356266|Knights of the Old Republic], [b:1293345|Empire],[b:1408285|Invasion], [b:1489157|Kanan], and [b:1295884|Legacy], although there are novels like [b:1501283|Ahsoka] and [b:1514663|Rebel Rising] as well. For a full list, see the public list [:user/lists/74964|Star Wars Books for Teens].

The adult collection is where you'll find many of the extended universe novels, both new and old. These include novels such as [b:1492133|Bloodline], [b:1475355|Dark Disciple], [b:1230721|Jedi Trial], [b:1465669|Honor Among Thieves], and the [b:1264847|Legacy of the Force series]. The adult collections are where you're likely to find film adaptations, such as [b:1154048|The Phantom Menace] and [b:1503508|Rogue One: A Star Wars Story]. There are a ton of adult graphic novels, such as [b:1448919| From the Ruins of Alderaan] and [b:1504304|Heroes for a New Hope]. Adults also have interesting Star Wars nonfiction to choose from, in books such as [b:1476134|Star Wars Costumes: The Original Trilogy], [b:1259640|Where Science Meets Imagination], [b:1289026|The Making of Star Wars] and [b:1499387|Year by Year: A Visual History]. For a full list of adult Star Wars materials, see the public lists [:user/lists/74965|Star Wars Books for Adults] and [:user/lists/74966|Star Wars Nonfiction for Adults].

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Public Event

Guided Meditation for Young Kids

Tuesday January 23, 2018: 2:00pm to 3:00pm
Westgate Branch: West Side Room
Preschool - Kindergarten

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Public Event

Guided Meditation for Kids

Sunday January 28, 2018: 2:00pm to 3:00pm
Traverwood Branch: Program Room
Grade 1 - 5

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PreK Bits - "P" is for PERFECT PLANs


Ms Rachel brought African tales to Storytime.
Following troubles ... Each tale ended with a PERFECT PLAN.
[b:1193664|HEAD, BODY, LEGS] is a tale from Liberia. Head makes a perfect plan that gets all the body parts working together.
[b:1080440|WOODY'S 20 Grow Big Songs] has a recorded version of the song/game “Pick It Up”. We dropped our noses (and other parts) by accident. How embarrassing !! But we put othings back together. Knowing how to fix things is a good plan too!
[b:1112532|LEOPARD’S DRUM] is an Asanti Tale from West Africa. Tiny Turtle was the one who made a PERFECT PLAN.

For more tales with PERFECT PLANS try these favorites;
[b:1350422|DOG And BEAR: Three To Get Ready] … three plans that make good friends.
[b:1354904|The SECRET PLAN] … for bedtime.
[b:1447204|SHH! WE HAVE A PLAN!] … sometimes they work and sometimes you need to revise.
[b:1406819|OH NO GEORGE!] … sometimes it’s a poor plan.
[b:1052993|JETHRO And JOEL WERE A TROLL] … a Troll with two heads? Hoo boy! Who’s in charge? They need to make a better plan ….
[b:1504741|The CARPENTER] ... what do you do with a measuring tape? Make plans !!
[b:1429821|OLLIE And CLAIRE] ... hohum turns into fun when Claire makes a new plan.

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Felt Ball Fun!

Saturday January 13, 2018: 2:00pm to 3:30pm
Pittsfield Branch: Program Room
Grade K - Adult

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PreK Bits - "Q" is for Quiet

This week Ms. Rachel presented stories that needed quiet.
[b:1456704|SLEEPYHEADS] ... where every quiet creature lays their sleepy head. Wait! One little sleepyhead is not in their bed!
Ms. Betsy played guitar and Ms. Rachel led the Quiet/Loud action song "Wake Up You Sleepy Heads".
You can hear the "Sleepy Heads" song on the recording [b:1192201|SING IT! SAY IT! STAMP IT! SWAY IT!] ... along with more favorite childhood songs!
[b:1308490|The SQUEAKY DOOR] had a Grandma putting her Grand-children to bed in the big double bed. It was time for quiet.

For more books that find "quiet" try the following favorites:
[b:1380329|QUIET BUNNY'S MANY COLORS] ... find them in the garden.
[b:1362723|The QUIET BOOK] ... very thoughtful, lovely prose, and beautiful gentle illustrations.
[b:1447204|SHH! WE HAVE A PLAN] ... who needs to be quiet?
[b:1428078|TIPTOE JOE] ... tiptoe to be quiet.
[b:1445465|HANK FINDS AN EGG] ... on a quiet walk in the woods. What shall he do?
[b:1442167|The FAMILY BEDTIME TREASURY: Tales For Sleepy Times and Sweet Dreams] ... a treasure trove in one book!
[b:1371980|BEDTIME FOR BEAR] ... with a "small but effervescent" overnight guest. Delightful storytelling and illustrations!
Find a cozy space.
Good Night!
Sleep Tight.

When you wake up the next day .... sing along with Joanie Bartels and [b:1263534|MORNING MAGIC] songs.

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Thor: Ragnarok!


[|Thor: Ragnarok] arrives in theaters today, making now the perfect time to revisit your favorite Thor materials! The movie is already generating quite a buzz and has received rave reviews (with a 93% rating, it's currently Rotten Tomatoes' best reviewed comic book film ever!).

A great place to start are the previous Thor movies, including [b:1391048|Thor] and [b:1444349|Thor: The Dark World], as well as his appearances in [b:1413450|The Avengers] and [b:1480915|The Avengers: Age of Ultron]. For younger kids who aren't quite ready for the Marvel movies, Thor is featured in [b:1426761|The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes] (there are multiple volumes of this series, including [b:1426765|Vol. 5] and [b:1426766|Vol. 6]).

For adult readers, some of the original Thor comics are included in the anthology series [b:1384483|The Essential Thor Vol. 1], [b:1347731|Vol. 2], [b:1347732|Vol. 3] and [b:1347733|Vol. 4]. Many of these original stories also appear in [b:1384487|The Mighty Thor: Omnibus] collection. More recent additions to the Thor universe include [b:1453423|God of Thunder Vol. 1] ([b:1453424|Vol. 2] and [b:1453425|Vol. 3] are also available), [b:1386302|Lord of Asgard], [b:1384485|Bringers of the Storm], [b:1384488|Godstorm], and [b:1323510|Thor Vol. 1] ([b:1355645|Vol. 3] is also available). Currently, a woman has taken on the title of Thor in [b:1494462|The Mighty Thor: Thunder in her Veins].

There are awesome Thor graphic novels in the Teen section, including [b:1386303|Wolves of the North] and [b:1384530|The Lost Gods]. A mysterious female Thor has also taken the lead in [b: 1473236|The Goddess of Thunder] and [b:1493654|Who Holds the Hammer?].

Kids have a variety of Thor books to choose from as well. Younger children will like gentler Readers such as [b:1445055|The Trouble with Thor] and [b:1413713|These are the Avengers]. Older kids can enjoy comic books like [b:1402461|Thor: The Mighty Avenger Vol. 1] and [b:1402462|Vol. 2], and [b:1472815|Mini Marvels: The Complete Collection]. Books for kids about the Avengers include [b:1408492|The Avengers: The Ultimate Guide] and [b:1408491|The Avengers: The Movie Storybook]. We also have several comic books based on Norse mythology, such as [b:1511898|Thor and the Giants] and [b:1511885|Thor and Loki] (also available [b:1361665|in Spanish]).

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Franklin's Flying Bookshop

[cover_image]|b15157167[/cover_image][b:1515716|Franklin's Flying Bookshop] by Jen Campbell reminds you that every once in a while it's nice to read a book about reading. A book that makes you want to shout from the rooftops: HEY EVERYONE, BOOKS ARE SO MAGICAL AND FUN AND AMAZING!

The beautifully illustrated pages and delicate language tell the tale of Franklin, a dragon who loved to read inside his cave. He reads about everything! Stories about electricity, baking, kung fu, vikings, music, and spiders - by firefly light while sipping on tea. One day he ventures out to read stories to others, without much luck - until he happens upon a young girl named Luna who loves dragons and books. They are two peas in a pod who both feel they are "made out of stories."

The story takes a twist, they do some building, and decide to bring their wonderful books to the masses via a flying bookshop perched upon a dragon. It's a great little picture book to read with the kiddos.

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"F" is for FOX


Ms Rachel brought FOX tales to Storytime.
In [b:1046530|FLOSSIE And The FOX] ... Flossie has to get her basket of eggs safely to Ms. Viola’s house.
Flossie doesn’t know what a fox looks like but she figures it out.
During “A-Hunting We Will Go” we found many rhyming things ... "And We Always Let Them Go!"
Finally .... we sang along with the [b:1310318|GINGERBREAD GIRL] … as she planned a more successful ending to the classic story of the [b:1109454|GINGERBREAD BOY].

For more FOXES and more fun tales try these favorites:
[b:1500338|HOW TO FIND A FOX] ... can she do it?
[b:1504755|LITTLE FOX In The FOREST] ... a book without words. You use your own to describe the "magical world" the fox leads you to.
[b:1513368|APPLES For LITTLE FOX] ... This little fox's first mystery!
[b:1509008|MY LITTLE FOX] ... little fox's first year in the woods.
[b:1035243|ROSIE'S WALK] ... a classic. Watch the pictures as you read the story....
[b:1042525|The TOMTEN And The FOX] ... another classic. The little gnome-like Tomten is there to protect the hen house.
[b:1515534|SHELTER] ... a proverb, as well as a "fox story".
[b:1507129|PANDORA] ... an imaginary world grows around Pandora the fox, and Pandora gently tends to it.

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PreK Bits - "T" is for TOOLS

[img_assist|nid=368317|title=tools6|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=100|height=75]Ms Rachel and Banjo Betsy worked with TOOLS today.
[b:1346890|OLD MacDONALD HAD A WOODSHOP] ... and she built a toy farm for the animals to play with!
"Camille (and Johnny) Worked With One Hammer" ... and then they worked with more ... until they went to sleep.
[b:1090632|THREE LITTLE PIGS] ... each little pig built their own house ... with TOOLS of course!
"Screw it down. Hammer it tight. Built it up. Make it right!"

For more stories with TOOLS try these favorites:
[b:1513658|GOODNIGHT LAB: a Scientific Parody] ... if you know [b:1012831|GOODNIGHT MOON] you can love this too.
[b:1515777|MY FRIEND ROBOT]
[b:448625|TOOLS RULE]
[b:1468067|STANLEY The BUILDER]

There are so many parodies of [b:1090632|The THREE LITTLE PIGS] ... you might like to compare the stories:
[b:1118644|THREE LITTLE JAVELINAS] ... a bilingual story.
[b:1446657|Richard Scarry's BEST NURSERY TALES EVER] ... and "Three Little Pigs" is one fo the tales.
[b:1078596|THREE LITTLE PIGS: An Old Story].
[b:1245641|The THREE LITTLE RIGS].
[b:1045214|The THREE LITTLE PIGS] ... a turned story by [|James Marshall].
[b:1059980|The TRUE STORY Of The THREE LITTLE PIGS] ... from the Wolf's point-of-view.
Who's afraid? Not ME !!