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Hot Tuna-Cheese-Tomato in Syrian Bread

Hot Tuna-Cheese-Tomato in Syrian Bread image
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Cut a 9-ounce Syrian (Pita) Bread in half.
Fill with: Generous scoop of Tunafish salad
1 slice Muenster or Swiss cheese
1 slice tomato

Place cheese side down on baking sheet. Heat in 350° oven for about 8 minutes, until cheese starts to melt.

Open Face Sandwich

Open Face Sandwich image
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French bread
2 hard boiled eggs (cut in small pieces)
1 can mushroom soup
1 c. chicken or tuna pieces (cooked)
Chopped parsley, pimiento or stuffed olives
Cubes of Cheddar cheese

Cut French bread into 3/4 or inch slices. Toast on one side. Combine the rest of the ingredients to make the filling, and spread it on the untoasted side. Place under broiler until cheese melts. Serve hot.

This sandwich, served with a fruit salad, coffee and cookies or cake, makes a good Sunday evening supper or luncheon.



Cut thin slices of bread and make cheese sandwiches. Fry in butter in a chafing dish, a light brown on both sides.

Brown Bread Sandwiches

Brown Bread Sandwiches image

Brown bread cut in slices spread with ground peanuts.


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Orange marmalade. Mix with chopped pecans and soft cream cheese. Lay on long, narrow strips of slightly buttered bread.

Cucumber Sandwiches

Cucumber Sandwiches image

Chop fine together onions and cucumbers; mix with mayonnaise dressing; salt slightly and spread lightly between thin slices of buttered bread.

Brown Bread Sandwiches

Brown Bread Sandwiches image

Chop 1/2 cup of dates and 1/2 cup of nut meats until very fine, add to these 1-3 cup of salad dressing. Spread between thin slices of brown bread.

Club Sandwiches

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Use delicately brown toast, butter and keep warm. Place on bottom a leaf of lettuce, a slice of freshly brown bacon or chicken. Sprinkle with mayonnaise and replace top piece of toast. Cut diagonally and serve. A thin slice of baked ham, cold or crisply broiled, is an appetizing addition.

Cheese and Nut Sandwiches

Cheese and Nut Sandwiches image

Chop pecan, hickory or English walnut meats with an equal quantity of cream or Neufchatel cheese; butter thin slices of bread and spread. Use mayonnaise and lettuce leaf.

Hickory Nut Sandwiches

Hickory Nut Sandwiches image

Cut thin slices of home-made bread into round, oval and heart-shaped pieces with cookie cutter, spread with soft butter. Cover with napkins wrung out of hot water, until thoroughly steamed. Spread with gooseberry jam, sprinkle heaping teaspoonful of chopped hickory nut meats in the middle of a slice, cover with the other and press the edges securely together.