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Building the Ann Arbor News Building

Wed, 03/16/2016 - 3:50pm by andrewjmac

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2016 marks the 80th anniversary of the former Ann Arbor News Building at 340 E. Huron St. - the only commercial building in Ann Arbor designed by renowned architect Albert Kahn. Watch the above slideshow to see the construction of this iconic art deco-style building, week by week, from the first shovelful on August 28, 1935 through its completion at the end of January, 1936.

Between January and April 1936, the News building was outfitted with furnishings, equipment and a new printing press. On May 21, 1936, an open house was held for the public. Longtime News photographer Eck Stanger took dozens of photos of interior spaces and staff after construction was completed, including the News room and equipment operators, and he continued to shoot photos of staff at work writing, composing, printing, and delivering the News through 1937.

The Ann Arbor News occupied the building until the paper's first print-run closure in 2009. It is now owned by the University of Michigan Credit Union.

View all photos of the new Ann Arbor News building.

You can also catch a related exhibition, "Albert Kahn: Under Construction", at the University of Michigan Museum of Art (UMMA), now through July 3, 2016.

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A Virtual Tour Of Ann Arbor Architecture

Tue, 12/17/2013 - 2:32pm by TimG

Did you know that the Judge Robert S. Wilson House has been called the most famous house in Ann Arbor? It was built as early as 1835 and has perfect proportions.

Learn the history of the many fascinating buildings around us with the Ann Arbor Architecture Archive, AADL's online gallery of images and text about Ann Arbor's historic buildings.

Joe T. Jacobs House (Muehlig Funeral Chapel)

Joe T. Jacobs House (Muehlig Funeral Chapel) image

Anson Brown Building, 1832

Anson Brown Building, 1832 image

James Petrie House, 1916

James Petrie House, 1916 image

Philip Bach Building, 1867

Philip Bach Building, 1867 image

Anton Eisele House and Marble Works, 1869

Anton Eisele House and Marble Works, 1869 image

First Congregational Church, 1872-1876

First Congregational Church, 1872-1876 image

Solomon and Jacob Armstrong Houses, 1843 & 1851

Solomon and Jacob Armstrong Houses, 1843 & 1851 image

Samuel Miller House, 1893

Samuel Miller House, 1893 image