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Doug Fulton

Doug Fulton, circa 1970
Doug Fulton, circa 1970. (Photo by Anna Fulton.)

The Emery, February 28, 1997

The Emery, February 28, 1997 image

Sylvia Blake Bynum (1884-1973)

Sylvia Blake Bynum
Sylvia Blake Bynum

Sylvia Blake Bynum was born on November 7, 1884 in Cary, North Carolina to John Addison Blake and Mintia Hooker Blake. She married Oliver Bynum in January of 1918 in Portsmouth, Virginia. He passed away in 1929.

Grayce (Johnson) Blake (1930-1971)

Grayce Evelyn Blake was born on New Year's Eve, December 31, 1930 in Detroit, Michigan to Rev. David A. Blake Sr. and Grace Rogers Blake. She attended Jones School and Ann Arbor High School, where her 1948 senior yearbook noted her nickname as simply "Blake". Grayce Blake was an active member of the Bethel AME Church choir, following in the footsteps of her mother, as well as several high school singing groups. Following graduation, she left for Washington D.C. and became a student at Howard University.

Richard Alexander Blake (1951-)

Richard A. Blake
Richard A. Blake, 1990

Richard Dumas Blake (1922-1989)


Richard D. Blake stands in front of Bethel AME Church
Richard D. Blake, 1979

David A. Blake Jr (1918-2000)

David Blake
David Blake, 1949

David Addison Blake Sr (1887-1970)


David A. Blake, Sr
David A. Blake, Sr.