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AADL Talks To: Ken Weber, President of Weber's Restaurant & Inn

Photo of Ken Weber smiling in a suit
Ken Weber


In this episode, AADL talks to Ken Weber. Ken is the son of Weber's restaurant and hotel founder Herman Weber. Ken tells us about the busniness' humble beginnings, Weber's connection to Metzger's, and the continual innovations that have allowed it to remain as a family business for 87 years.

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AADL Talks To: Michael Weber, Vice President Hotel Operations, Weber's Restaurant & Hotel

Photo of Michael Weber seen from the waist up in a suit and pink tie, seated at Weber's restaurant. The place setting has a white table cloth and plate with folded napkin. Wooden ceiling beams and a stained glass window are visible in the background.
Michael Weber


In this episode AADL talks to Michael Weber, grandson of Weber's founder Herman Weber, and current Vice President of hotel operations. Michael recounts the history of the business, his grandmother's contributions, and the changes Weber's made in order to weather the COVID-19 pandemic.


Weber's 75th Anniversary Brochure, 2012

Weber's 75th Anniversary Brochure, 2012 image