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Art Show to Open, May 1969

Art Show to Open, May 1969 image
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Ann Arbor News, May 25, 1969
"Standing in front of a five-foot mosaic of Pioneer High School's seal are (from left) Marcia Watson, Lynne Erskine, Cecil North and Dona Meltzer. THe seal, designed by Pioneer senior Jane Mariouw, is one of many art works which will be exhibited tomorrow through June 5 on the second floor of Ann Arbor City Hall as part of Ann Arbor High School's annual spring art exhibit. The seal was commissioned by the 1968 graduating class at Pioneer as their class gift to the school. Miss Mariouw's drawing were selected and she was chosen as the artist to complete the seal. She has worked all year on the mosaic. The seal will become a permanent feature at the entrance to the Pioneer High library. North is chairman of the Pioneer High art department."