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Ballots Are Re-Counted In Race For Ypsilanti Township Supervisor, April 1949 Photographer: Eck Stanger

Ballots Are Re-Counted In Race For Ypsilanti Township Supervisor, April 1949 image
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Ann Arbor News, April 14, 1949
Re-Counting Ypsilanti Township Ballots: With the two rival candidates for supervisor of Ypsilanti township, their lawyers, special checkers and auditors watching them, members of the Ypsilanti township board of election commissioners began the recount of ballots cast in the April 4 election yesterday afternoon in the town hall at 886 S. Grove Rd., Ypsilanti. The recount had been requested by Otis A. Tooze, shown standing at the right of the picture, defeated candidate for reelection. Standing at the extreme left is Henry F. Hicks whose apparent victory April 4 was won by a margin of 43 votes. Also standing, reading left to right, are Bernard W. Butler, Hicks' attorney; John Gardner, inspector; Earl Ford, township treasurer; Tooze, and, with his face only partially showing, Albert E. Blashfield, Tooze's attorney. Seated at the table, directly in front of Butler, is Roy Losey. Around the table to Losey's left are William Gallaher, Almond Bailes, Lillian Shepard, township clerk, Mrs. Dean Briggs, Roland Lutz, Don Sutherland, Joseph Mariott, Justin McCaslin and Edward Simmonds, auditors and inspectors. In the right foreground, behind the rail, are Mrs. Mary Spencer and Ray Milligan, inspectors. It is expected that the re-counting will be completed by tonight.

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