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Planters outside of Mr. Flood's Party, July 1975 Photographer: Jack Stubbs

Planters outside of Mr. Flood's Party, July 1975 image
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Ann Arbor News, July 24, 1975
Perseverance -- and following the proper City Hall channels -- has gotten Mr. Flood's Party its planter boxes. The first attempt by the owner of the W. Liberty Street nightspot to build a sidewalk planter failed because a permit wasn't obtained. Following unheeded warnings to stop the work, city officials used a front-end loader to literally scoop the box away. The owner of the bar, Ned Duke, then went to City Council for the necessary approval, but council said "no" after learning the city would be responsible for any accidents caused by the planter. A second try convinced council to grant the permit. Plantings in one of the two stone boxes was completed Wednesday by, from left, Pat Grammatico, who did the stone work, John Cruz, Carol Bernstein and Duke. (News Photo by Jack Stubbs)
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AADL Productions Podcast: Michael Erlewine

Michael Erlewine, author, archivist, and founder of the All Music Guide spoke with AADL staff about his new book with photographer Stanley Livingston, Blues in Black & White: The Landmark Ann Arbor Blues Festivals. In this interview prior to the public talk, Ann Arbor's old music clubs and coffee shops come alive as Michael takes us on a personal journey of the Ann Arbor music scene circa 1962-1972. He covers a range of musical topics, including the early folk era, when he hitch-hiked with Bob Dylan; the influence of pre-hippie culture on Iggy Pop; the influence of John Sinclair on Ann Arbor culture; and his personal passion for Chicago city blues, which led to the Ann Arbor blues festivals and inspired the formation of his band, The Prime Movers Blues Band, shown below playing at the Schwabin Inn. You can listen to the interview below. You can also view Michael's public talk at the Library.

Prime Movers Band, October 1966

Prime Movers Band, October 1966