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UMS Concert Program, Feb. 4, 1881: Choral Union --

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University Hall

The University Musical Society
. 4,
PKOF. C. Ji. CADY, Mroctur.
MISS C. X. ITUGOIXS, Accompanist.
MBS. lt'dl. LUDEKlCIt, Soprano.
MISS I. X. WIXCHELL, Soprani),
Mil. 1. WILEY, of Detroit, Violin.
MM. ZOCY, Clarionet.
1. Haydn--Symphony Aro. 6.
2. Donizetti--{a) Bridal Chorus, from "Lucia."
Hail to the happy bridal day,
Hence, every thought of sorrow, Let every heart with hope be g"ay,
Bright be to thee each morrow, Friendship and love will guide thee
Far from temptation ana danger, , May ev'ry good betide thee.
lhat on thy head we implore, t May nought e'er on earth divide ye,
Who now will part no more; Be thou to grief a stranger,
From this thy bridal hour.
(b) Now the Roll of the Lively Dram.
Arranged from "La Fille du Regiment."
Now the roll of the lively drum,
And the trumpet's ringing sound, As they tell of the battle won.
Make the soldier's heart with joy rebound,
3. Bach--Gounod--Ave Maria.
Arranged for Voice, Piano, Violin and Organ.
4. Sullivan--Lullaby of Life.
Sleep, little flower, whose petals fade and full
O'er the sunless ground; Ring nn more peals of perfume on the air,
Sleep long and sound.
5. Verdi--Aria,, "Oh don fatalc."
6. Smart--{a) Fast the Night is Falling.
Fast the nig-ht is falling,
Day in glory dies ; Birds to rest are calling,
Golden red the skies.
Wagner--(6) Spinning Song, from "Flying Dutchman."
Hum and hum, good wheel, go whirling,
Lively, lively dance around 1 Spinning thousand threads atwirling,
Let thy pleasant hum resound. My lot e doth sail the ocean uer,
For home he sighs und sweetheart's eyes; My faithful wheel, oh rush and roar!
Ah ! if thy breeze but ruled the seas 1 'Twould soon my love to me restore.
7. Viotti--22d Concerto, Adagio and Cadenzas.
8. Mendelssohn--Hunting Song.
O'er mountain unclouded the sun rises bright, The vale yet enshrouded in shadowy night, Loud peals to the morning at break of day. The shrill bugle wan, ing, oh, come, come away I
9. Rbinecke--Spring Elowcrs. Violin Obligate.
10. Caldicott--Humpty Dumpty Humorous Chorus by request.
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Hurnpty Dumpty had a greal fail;
All the king's horses and all the king's men
Couldn't put Humpty up again.
11. Lange--(a) Flower Song.
Balfe--(b) Concert Waltzfor Clarionet Solo and Orchestra.

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