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UMS Concert Program, December 6,1888: Concert -- Amphion Club

UMS Concert Program, December 6,1888: Concert -- Amphion Club image UMS Concert Program, December 6,1888: Concert -- Amphion Club image UMS Concert Program, December 6,1888: Concert -- Amphion Club image UMS Concert Program, December 6,1888: Concert -- Amphion Club image UMS Concert Program, December 6,1888: Concert -- Amphion Club image UMS Concert Program, December 6,1888: Concert -- Amphion Club image UMS Concert Program, December 6,1888: Concert -- Amphion Club image UMS Concert Program, December 6,1888: Concert -- Amphion Club image
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University Musical Society
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Season: 1883-1889
University Hall

1883. SIXTH SEASON, j 1889.
2lmpljion Club
Ufbursbiiii Orfacn'ma. Sircrmbcv B, 1888,
'""for. Orill Xai, HKrector anS Xcabcv. Itiv. 1Ross (3. Cole, Xca&cr of tbc OIce Club. _____ flCr. Oco. 1R. 1)avUan{, flCnnaijcr.
Winjjs and Fins.--"-duct the eoeninu tind the morning itnur the fifth day.''
Pi:olo(u:k.--(a) "Swift from our fairy home
Sent by thy friend our mighty king." Magic "Flute, Mozart (6)"Twei Kaminern hat das
Herz." Cady
1. Ave Maria. Soprano solo and chorus, Abt.
2. tteverie. Quartet, Rheinberger :!. Breezes of Night. Male chorus. Lamothe 4. The Hostess' Daughter. Soprano solo, Klein Interlude.--" On the Mountain," Uinl.avft
1. Village Wedding and Procession--Martha, Floton2. (a) At the Brook,
(b) Over Her Embroidery,
{:) Above the Clouds, Julia Camtherx
3. Celebre Menuet (1745), " Cet etang." Quintet, ....__ D'Exaudet
4. Three Chafers. Male octet.
o. Dryad's Song and Fairy Chorus -Opera
Sylvana, Von Weber
Adieu --Good-bye, Engelbreeht
Zwei Kammern hat das Her..
D'rin wohnen
Die Freude und der schinerz.
Wacht Freude in der einen
So schlummert
Der Schinerz still in der seinen.
O Freude, habe Acht!
Sprich leise,
Das nicht der Schmerz erwacht!
. Neumann. AVE MARIA.
The veil of eve is falling
O'er woodland, field and plain; A bell, with dying strain, To ev'ning rest is calling.
Thou spotless maiden, hail to thee, That deign'st our guiding star to be, To point to heaven's felicity. Ave Maria!
The star of love, mild-beaming. Doth climb the western sky, With pledge of rest on high, O'er weary mortals gleaming.
Thou star of love, thy heavenly glow Dost strengthen grief-worn heart's below, That round them here find naught but woe. Ave Maria!
And now the light hath parted, The song of night doth sound; And sweetest sleep is found
And rest tor weary-hearted.
Oh star of peace, thy beaming ray Shall guide us forth on heavenly way; Lead us through rest to brighter day. Ave Maria.
Asleep in dreams Earth buried seems,
While o'er the night
Breaks silver light; No sound nor son The vale along;
All peace again,
Forgotten iwiin; O summer night So softly bright,
How kissest thou
Away of woe The burning tear, And teachest prayer,
Then breath away
My grief, I pray
As clouds the day O Summer night So softly bright.
Tr.from Miil-li, Omjoml.
Three youths in high glee passing over the Rhine Did stop with a hostess so good and benign. '0 hostess, have you good beer and wine And where is your daughter so sweet and lair"
" My wine and beer are fresh and clear; My daughter lies in her shroud at rest." And when they did to her chamber repair There lay her fair form on a lonely bier.
The first withdrew the veil from her face And long upon her with sorrow did gaze: " Ah! did'st thou but live thou maiden fair! I then should have loved thee henceforth and e'er!"'
The second sadly replaced the veil And weepinghe turned away so pale; " Ah! that thou liest on thy black death-bier; I loved thee so truly for many a year."
The third withdrew the veil yet again, And kissing her lips he said with pain: "I loved thee ever, J love thee to-day And I shall still love thee eternally!"
Englixh version, E. Buck.
Softly runs the brook and sigheth, for it must far onward go
Past the dearest fairest flow'rets on its verdant banks that blow.
Should deep in its heart their image ever live a shining ray,
Must it still How onward swiftly, dare not, loving, stop nor stay.
Brook, thou bearest mine own image, must go cold
and silently From my all, my fairest flow'rets forth, it never more
to see.
How great and good a blessing Lies in true labor here. In sorrow all depressing, An Angel all caressing, She drieth tear after tear.
I've oft been near despairing In all too bitter smart, But long as sight I'm knowing, My embroid'ry or my sewing, Shall always still my heart.
Comfort in hours of sadness Labor alone can be. The wounded heart it healeth And this it is revealeth, All earthly balm to me.
Ottilik Mi:s. ,T. P. Morgan.
And can this be my own world
This world of gold and snow,
Save where the scarlet waves are hurled
Far down yon gulf below,
"Pis my world
'Tis thy world,
City, mead and shore,
For he that hath his own world
Hath many worlds more.
Jean Ix;elow.
Cet etang
Qui s'etend
Dans la plaine
Eepete au sein
Les verdoyants ormeaux
Ou le pampre s'enchaine,
Un ciel pur
Un azur
Sans nuages
"Vivement s'y reflchit.
Le tableau senrichit
D'i mages.
Mais tandis que Ton admire
Cette onde ou ie ceil se mire,
Un zephir
Vient ternir
La Surface:
D'un souffle il confond le.s traits
L'etat de tant d'objets
Arranged as Quintet for the Cluh.
This composition constitutes the linale to the third act of the newly revised and enlarged Opera of "Sylvana," first produced in 18(X), and is mainly constructed on the musical basis, supplied by the celebrated " Perpetual Motion," one of Weber's best known piano pieces, the vocal parts having been added by Ferdinand Langer. In this scene the Dryade, a presentation of the Spirit of the Woods or of Nature, with the aid of her fairy attendants, sings to sleep the young Sylvana who has been accused of witchcraft on account of her intiinacv with the same.
Slumber soft mj' child, and learn in dreaming. What life and love are surely bringing. Soon shall thy sorrow be past and gone And when thy trial time is o'er
Ah, then shall ever during peace and rest be thine for aye.
Through my still and green abode Shalt thou by a dream be guided. Fairies hither come! Vanish space and time!
Pale moon beam and firefly gleam Come and light the darksome night. Consecrate to the realm of love The splendors of my green abode.
Then come ye dragon-Hies swift-winging
Borne on the Linden's perfumed breath,
Awake ye sleepers!
Ye slothful chafers!
And lull the soul to sweetest rest.
Come away!
Hither come!
Consecrate the realm of love!
To Sylvan A.
Sleep and dreain while hope's sweet presence
Brooding fills thy gentle mind;
Golden portals soon shall open
And Love's spring-time entrance find.
Translated and arranged for tlw Club.

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