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UMS Concert Program, January 21, 1893: Choral Union Series --

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Season: 1892-1893
Concert: Third
Complete Series: XXI
University Hall

FRANCIS W. KELSEY, Ph. D., President. ALBERT A. STANLEY, A. M., Director.
Choral union Series
1892-1893. Fourth Season. Third Concert. (No. XXI. Complete Series.)
Saturday, January 21,1893, at 8 P. M.
Miss Marguerite Hall, SopranoMr. Constantine Sternberg, Pianist. Mr. Albert A. Stanley, Accompanist.
T'u' Fourth Concert in tile Choral Union Series will be given by Mr. Max Heiriricli, Baritone; and Mr .1. Erich Schmaal, Pianist; February 21th.
The next Leetu re in the Students' Lecture Association course will be Prof. John Fisko. on February 4th.
i a. Scherzo. B minor Op. 20.
T ! b. Etude. F minor, (posthume.) ! n, ?
L 1c. Etude. F major. -'[.--.. Chopw
I d. Rondo, in E fiat. Op. 16. I
II. Recitative and Aria (Alexander's Feast.) Hamlet
a. "My Love's an Arbutus." Irish. Arr. by
I Villier Stanford
b. "The Bonnie Banks 'o Loch Lomond."
III. old Songs ? Scotch. Arr. by Malcolm Lawson
, "Listen to the Voice of Love." James Hook. (1G4C) A. "With Early Horn," Gallaird (1687)
Arr. by Sfary Carmichnel
I a. Venetienne.
l b. Pan and His Flute. j
IV. c. Hindoo. .......Godard
d Chopin.
I. e. Marcel the Huguenot.
fa. To Sylvia..........Schubert
I . 'JDer Toa und das Msedchen." Schubert
c. Yolksliedchen........Schumann
I d. Fruehlingsnaclit. -----Schumann
VI. Kermesse. (After Gounod.).......Saini-Saens
a. "How do I Love Thee." Maude Valerie White
.,j h "Oh! Mistress Mine.".....Mary Carmichae!
c. "O! Swallow, Swallow." Arthur SomerrelI
d. "Where the Bee Sucks.".....Arthur Sullivan
The Knabe Grand Piimo Is kindly furnished by K. J. Schwankovsky. Detroit, State Agents.

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