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Sig Lo Verdi
J. Allen Whyte
Henry L. Slayton
OF MME. SCALCHI as an artiste and of her marvelous voice it is superfluous to speak in terms of praise. She has been heard by the most profound musical critics in all parts of the universe and has yet to score one criticism unfavorable to her art.
Mme. Scalchi is to day the great artiste she has always been and her voice retains that same beautiful, resonant, 'cello-like quality and remarkable flexibility and agility so distinctly lacking in other contralto voices It is one voice in a million and she the only artiste to divide the honors with Mme. Patti, her associate for years.
The Scalchi European Tour has been postponed to satisfy the great demand for her throughout America. This is positively her farewell tour.
S RECENT EXTRACTS. gScalchi's voice is the most noble of its kind in the world.--New York Sun.
Madame Scalchi's Arsace (Semiramide) has never been equaled within the memory of any person living.--Boston Herald.
The Scalchi Operatic company, headed by the famous contralto, Mme. Sofia Scalchi, is one of the best organizations of its kind that ever went on a tour.--Pittsburgh Dispatch, October 13, 1898. --------------THE AVOKJLD'S GREATEST COXTBALTO.
The concert and opera last night by Mme. Scalchi and her fine company excelled any given here in the --past thirty years.--Portland Presr, October 25, 1898.
Scalchi is an artist of the first magnitude and there is no adjective left to laud her with. She is an artiste one never hears enough of. I would like to have a rich feast and hear no other voice but that of the great contralto. Her singing always perfectly satisfies me,--Elwin Townsend, in Scribner's Magazine.
Mme. Bern ice De Pasquali, Prima Donna Soprano.
ME. De PASQUALl is a great artiste in all phases of vocalization; her intonation is faultless, her method finished and her execution true and artistic even in the difficult operatic roles. Her voice, always sympathetic, possesses a brilliant quality, round and full and even in each register. She is endowed with dramatic fire histrionic art, a beautiful face and figure, and is destined to rank with the few really great sopranos of the world
Signora De Pasquali was twice obliged to repeat the closing portion of the "Jewel Song," Her work was indeed throughout of exceptional vocal beauty.--Chicago Tribune.
Signora De Pasquali created great enthusiasm by her fine phrasing and artistic singing. She was obliged to repeat the "Jewel Song" three times.--Chicago Times Herald.
The honors of the evening fell at the feet of Signora De Pasquali as Santuzza. Her voice is a soprano, singularly clear and sweet. She phrases with taste and gets a beautiful effect in clear, sustained tone that is very pleasing, artistic and satisfactory.-Chicago Daily Inter Ocean.
America's Greatest Soprano,
Signor De PASQUALI, Primo Tenor.
S1GNOR De PASQUALI, of Palermo, Italy, was brought up for the profession of civil engineer, but he decided instead to take up music. His success was both immediate and emphatic. He is one of our purest and most delightful of lyric tenors, has a fine stage presence and is a grand opera singer of great ability. His first appearance in America was with the Damrosch Symphony Orchestra, since then in opera and concerts with such organizations as the Hinrichs Grand Opera Co., Tavary Grand Opera Co., Mapleson Company and others.
¦a V F=EW PRESS EXTRACTS. § "The popular tenor, Signor De Pasquali, with the famous Sousa Band, was the center of attraction at Manhattan iJeach."--New York Herald.
"His voice is pure and decidedly sympathetic; he sang "Salve Dimora" in an excellent manner."--New York World.
"Signor De Pasquali is the traditional Turiddu and as fiery and intense as could be desired. He gives the " Drinking Song" with great dash and spirit, and proved fully equal to the dramatic necessities."-Chicago TribuneSIGXOR M. Be PASQUAXI.
Signor A. Franceschetti, Primo Baritone.
THIS very distinguished artist has of late been a member of the best Operatic Co.'s in the world including the Covent Garden and Grau Italian Opera Co.s and has sung as Primo Baritone with such eminent artists as Patti, Scalchi, Melba, Nordica, Albani Jean and Edward De Reszke, etc. He is the favorite singer of the European Monarchs including the Prince of Wales and Queen Marg--harita of Italy who personally presented him with the royal cipher set in diamonds a gift betokening great distinction.
Signor Franceschetti possesses a most beautiful voice, a charming personalty, and is a past master in the art of singing.
Signor Quiseppe Lo Verdi, Musical conductor
SIGNOR LO VERDI is from Palermo. Italy. He is not only a great pianist, but a conductor of grand opera and a composer of distinction. One of his many compositions, "Serenade to the Queen," was directed by him with a chorus of 1,000 ladies, taken from the highest nobility, in the presence ot the King and Queen of Italy. His success was so emphatic that he at once became the Court Pianist to Her Majesty the Queen.
This great pianist is known throughout Europe and is the rage of Paris. We feel especially happy to present this distinguished virtuoso as the pianist and musical director of this companyHe comes direct to us from Europe.
"Time. Soatn toe wai Never In Better Form."-New o.leans Timed Demoorat, ¦.
Che Scalcbt Operatic festival Co
jjo support tbe great Scalcbf, tbe management bave secures tbe best arttsts available regaroless of expense witb a view to merit, aoaptibtlitg, Oeportmer anC persons alitg.
ft tberefore obtains tbat all precautions bave been .taken to justify tbe pre= ftiction, tbat tbe Scalcbi Go. will easily be tbe most attractive musical organisation before tbe public tbis season.
Sig. A. Franceschetti
Primo Baritone.
;' Mme. Scalchi Reigns Supreme the Quraen of Contraltos."--Atlanta Constitution, 1899.
"Sig. Franceschetti sang with the expression and artistic taste for which this renowned baritone is so celebrated.--London Times."
"Mme. Nordica appeared as Marguerita and sang admirably. Jean de Reszke sang Faust. E.deReszke Mephistopholes. Sig. Franceschetti as Valentine was great.--London Telegraph."
"Signor Franceschetti has indeed a nra g n i fi i, e at baritone voice, well trained, deep, wonderful and flexible. He is a past master in the artof singing. --Buenos Ay res Standard."
Jean de Reszke sang Romeo, Mme. Melba Juliet, E. de Reszke friar Laurence and Signor Franceschetti, Capulet, all four artists earning the ovation they received."--Milan Lombardia."
Sig. Q. Lo Verdi
Musical Conductor.
Rome, Italy.-"Signor Lo Verdi was an instantaneous success." -Popolo Romano.
Milan.--"Signor Lo Verdi astonished Milan musicians by his remarkable work on the piano." --Lombardia.
Genoa.--"Signor Lo Verdi had the admiration of all lovers of music not onlyasa pianist but as a composer and conductor last night."-II Secolo XIX.
Paris.--"Signor Lo Verdi showed Parisians last night that Italy is indeed the land of music. He was a revelation, not only as a pianist but as a composer."Figaro.
No Other Artist Can Fill Scaichl's Place."--Chicago Inter Ccean, I89U.
Sg and Signora De Pasquali.
We have heard the role of Marguerite rendered by vocalists of wider reputation than that of Mme. de Pasquali, but we have never heard it sung any better. Mme. Pasquali's soprano is so caressing, so pure, that it rings in your ears like the dying sound of a silver bell. She phrases with an exactitude and care that brings every note into bold relief. But one seldom has an opportunity to see Marguerite acted as well as sung and it is exceedingly gratifying to note that Mme. de Pasquali makes the histrionic part of Marguerite as important as the musical.--San Francisco, Cal., Aug. 9, '99.
The entertainment closed with the fourth act of "II Trovatore" and the most enjoyable numbers of the evening come in this part, when Mme De Pasquali sang "Qual suon quelle preci" and when she ana Sig. De
Pasquali gave the duet "Ah, I have sighed."--Louisville Commercial.
The appearance of Mme. De Pasquali at the Tivoli Opera House was the hit of the season. She proved herself to be a singer of exceptional talent and sympathy, her clear warm flexible voice suited admirably the music. It was an ovation from first to last.--San Francisco Chronicle, Aug 9, '99.
Mme De Pasquali possesses a very remarkable sweet and powerful soprano voice, which she uses with exquisite taste. She is unusually beautiful and charming in manner. Sig. De Pasquali has a tenor voice of great purity and strength and he too made a most favorable impression.--The Indianapolis Sentinel.
' Mm. Soalohl'e Voice Retains In Its Fullness That Rich Beauty Which Has Made Her World
Famous."--Brooklyn Eagle, 1899.

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