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UMS Concert Program, December 8, 1904: Choral Union Series -- Gone Centuries

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Season: 1904-1905
Concert: SECOND
Complete Series: CXXXII
University Hall

F. W. KELSEY, President A. A. STANLEY, Director
(No. CXXXII. Complete Series)
University Hall, Thursday Evening, December 8, 1904
At Eight O'clock
Interpreted by
Arnold Dolmetsch Mrs. Arnold Dolnietsch Miss Kathleen Salmon
1. Two Pieces for the Lute
i. Cascarda. ii. Canaries . . . Anonymous c. 1600
Mr. Arnold Dolmetsch
2. Song accompanied by the Lute
" 0 Mistris Myne " .... Anonymous c 1550
Miss Kathleen Salmon
3. A Piece for the Virginals
"Muscadin" ..... Anonymous c. ibio
Mr Arnold Dolmetsch
4. Fantazie for Treble and Bass Viols
"LaCaccia" ..... Thomas Morley 1595
Mr. Arnold Dolmetsch. Mrs. Mabel Dolmetsch
5. Two Pieces for the Viola da Gamba accompanied by the Harpsichord
1. Divisions on a Ground . . . Christopher Sympson 1656
ii. Prelude and Sarabande .... Marin Marais tbqs Mrs. Mabel Dolmetsch
6. Two Pieces for the Harpsichord.
i. "LeCoucon" ..... Claude Daquin c. 1720
ii. Sonata in A major .... Domenico Scarlatti c. 1720
Mr. Arnold Dolmetsch
7. Song, accompanied by the Harpsichord
"GiailSole" .... Alessandro Scarlatti c. 1700
Miss Kathleen Salmon
8. "The Harmonious Blacksmith," with variations for the
Harpsichord . . . . G. F. Handel 1721
Miss Kathleen Salmon
9. Sonata for the Viola d'Amore, accompanied by the
Harpsichord : Attilio Ariosto c. 775
Mr. Arnold Dolmetsch
to. "Troisieme Concert " for the Viola d'Amore, Viola da Gamba and Harpsichord i. " La Lapopliniere," ii. " La Timide," iii. Deux
Tambourins . . . . J. P. Rameau 1731
Mr. Arnold Dolmetsch Mrs. Mabel Dolmetsch
Miss Kathleen Salmon
The next Concert in the Choral Union Series will be given by The Kneisel Quartette, January 13, 1905,
Lockwood Lecture Recitals
A series of six Historical lecture-Recitals will be given by Albert Iockwood, head of the Pianoforte Department of the University School of Music, on the following dates, at 4.30 p. m.:
I. December 21, 1904--Scarlatti, Bach, Haydn, Mozart.
II. January 18, 1905--Beethoven.
III. February 15, 1905--von Weber, Mendelssohn, Schubert.
IV. March 15, 1905--Schumann. V. April 12, 1905--Chopin.
VI. May 17, 1905--Brahms, Iviszt, Tschaikowsky.
These Recitals are primarily designed for students of the University School of Music, but a limited number of tickets will be sold for the series at One Dollar each, at the office of the Secretary.
Lecture on American Archaeology
Mr. Charles F. L,ummis, of Ios Angeles, California, " the most sympathetic living interpreter of prehistoric American and Indian life'', will give a lecture in Sarah Caswell Angell Hall on Monday evening, December 12, at 8 o'clock.
The lecture will be given under the auspices of the University Musical Society and the Archaeological Institute of America, and will be illustrated by phonograph reproductions of Indian and Old Spanish melodies.
No admission fee will be charged, and all interested are cordially invited.
Twelfth May Festival
The Twelfth May Festival will be given on May 11, 12, 13, 1905. The Thomas Orchestra will appear at all Festival Concerts.
Season Tickets for the entire course and reserved seat for the May Festival Concerts may be obtained at the office of the University School of Music.
Parties desiring to order reserved seats by mail will please address (indicating choice and including P.O. Order),
CHARLES A. SINK, Secretary of the University School of Music.

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