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UMS Concert Program, November 16, 1918: Anna Case -- Charles Gilbert Spross

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Season: 1918-1919

Concert: SECOND
Complete Series: CCCXIX
Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan

F. W. KELSEY. President . A. STANLEY, Director
118=1 en
(a) Separazione
(b) Lithuanian Song
(c) Skogen Sover (The Woods Asleep)
(d) "Charlie is my darlin"
Old Italian Folksong arranged by G. Sgambati
Chopin Hugo Alvcn Old Scotch
(a) Angelus .....
(b) II neige ....
(c) The Princess .
(d) Dans ropte felen
Aria--"Depuis le jour", from "Louise" .
(b) Les Papillon couleur de nEige
(c) Synnoves Song
(d) Serenade Francaise
Augusta Ohrstrom Renard
Halfdan Kjerulf
(a) Dreams ......... Horsman
(b) Slumber Song........MacDoivell
(c) "Robin, Robin sing me a Song" ..... Spross
Traffic Regulation.--By order of the Police Department, on the nights of the Choral Union Concerts, vehicles of all kinds will be prohibited on North University Avenue between Thayer and Ingalls Streets; Taxi-cabs must park on the West side of Thayer Street, facing South between North University Avenue and Washington Street; Private autos may beParked on Ingalls and Washington Streets. Persons on foot are requested to refrain from. leaving from the Taxi-cab entrance at the Thayer Street side of the auditorium.
Special Interurban Cars.--East for Detroit and West for Jackson and intervening points will leave from in front of the Auditorium immediately after the concert.
Lost Articles should be enquired for at the office of Shirley W. Smith, Secretary of the University, in University Hall, where articles found should also be left.
Dolorosa partenza Ahi! quanto e dura ! Quanto e grande per me la pena amara Dolorosa partenza Ahi! quanto e dura !
Quanto e grande per me la pena, la peua amara.
Lithuanian Song ....'.
Sweet was the morning, and bright was
the sunshine,
Merrily home from the field I was going; When -mother open'd the window and
asked me:
"Damp is thy hair, pray what hast thou been doing"
I was frightened, Oh, so frightened, Then I stammer'd without thinking:
"I wet my hair, "I wet my hair while drinking."
Skogen SovEr .....
Ekigen sover strimman pa fastet flamfer
matt. Dagen vakar in juni natt.
Tystnat liar nyss henries muntra skratt. Tystnat har nys henries muntra skratt. Redan hon sover.
Till henries sida jag stum mig satt. Khrleken vakar over sin skatt. Karleken vakar i juni natt.
Angelus ......
Ave Maria Gratia plena Dominus tecum Benedicta tui
In mulieribus et benedictus Fructus ventris tui Jesu, Jesu
II NeiGE .......
II neige, il neige,
De gros flocons comme du coton,
Qui tombent, qui tombent,
Sur les toits tout blancs
Et les petits oiseaux peureanx
Se pelotonnent entr'eaux
Avec des airs frileaux.
En fermant les yeux.
II neige, il neige,
Tout est couvert d'un blanc manteau de
neige. II neige, il neige. Comme il fait froid Par
les durs frimas
Qui glacent, qui glacent nos ames d'effroi. Et se sentant tres malhcureux, Les jeunes coeurs amoureux, Deux a deux se rechaufifent entr cux, II neige, il neige, Tout passe, tout s'efFace sous la neige. II
neige. II neige.
Old folksong arranged by C. Sganibati
Full of sadness this parting:
Ah, how hard a blow to leave thee!
Oh, how sore is the pain, the sorrow, the
sorrow it gives me! Full of sadness is this parting: How hard to leave thee: Oh, how sore is the pain, the sorrow, the
sorrow it gives me!
"Don't tell a story, don't tell a story "Wert thoii just going to drink, my daughter
"At day-break too! "Say, who drew for thee the water"
"Ah! Well! Ah! well, mother darling, "And I love him dearly,
"He begged so hard to see me bright and
"And he kept me talking, all his love recalling, "And somehow, somehow on my hair
and cheek, "I felt his teardrops falling."
; Hugo Alven
Woodland is quiet, last sunray Is slowly dying this night of June. Silenced is her happy laughter, Asleep is she, this night of June. At her side, I, faithful lover Vigil keep this night of June.
Mine. Olirstrom-Rcnard
Sancta Maria mine ct in hora mortis
Ora pro nobis pecatoribus
Amen, mine et in hora mortis nostra.
Amen Ave Maria Amen.
. . . . . . H. Bcmbcrg
"Pis snowing, 'tis snowing
And fairy light are the flakes of white
That falling hide the world from sight,
And all the little birds fare ill, .
Seeking their nests bare and chill,
Forgetting how to thrill,
All has grown so still.
'Tis snowing, 'tis snowing,
The world's asleep beneath a snowy cover.
'Tis snowing, 'tis snowing.
'Tis drear and lone,
And the winds that moan
Are turning our very hearts to stone.
And lovers sad, weary of pain,
Sigh for the spring's genial reign,
When all hearts wake to love again. 'Tis
snowing, 'tis snowing. All fades away beneath a snowy cover 'Tis snowing, 'tis snowing.
Pkinsessen (The Princess)
The princess looked down from her bower high,
The youth blew his horn as he lingered
"Be quiet, O youth, will forever you blow It hinders my thoughts, that would far
away go, Now, when sets the sun."
The princess looked down from her bower
high, The youth ceased his blowing, his horn he
laid by.
Dans, ropte felen.....
"Dance !" called the fiddle, Its strings loudly giggled, The bailiff's man wriggled Ahead for a spree. "Hold!" shouted Ola And tripped him to tumbling, The bailiff's man humbling, To maiden's great glee.
"Hop!" said bold Erik, His foot struck the ceiling, The beams rang their pealing, The walls gave a shriek,
Why are you so quiet Now more shall
you lilow, It lifts all my thoughts, that would far
away go, Now, when sets the sun."
The princess looked down from her bower
high, The youth blew again, as he lingered
thereby. Then weeping, she whispered: "O God, let
me know The name of this sorrow that burdens me
so! Now, has set the sun."
August Sodcrman "Stop!" shouted Elling, And seizing him collared, He held him and hollered: "You still are too weak!" "Hei!" exclaimed Rasmus, Fair Randi embracing: "Be quick now in placing The kiss that you know!" "Nay!" answered Randi, A slapping she gave him, And from her she drove him; "Here take what you owe!"
Arias Depuis le jour--from Louise ........ Charpcnticr
"E'er since the day when unto thee I gave me" E'er since the day when unto thee I gave me Radiant with flowers seems my path before me, I seem to dream 'neath a fairyland heaven. While my soul still is drunk with the joy of thy first kiss. Ah, how sweet is life! My dream has not been merely dreaming! Ah! I am so happy! For love o'er me his wings is spreading! All nature doth rejoice with me, and with me triumph. In the realm of my heart new is the joy that's singing! And all around I see but laughter and light and joy, And I tremble with exquisite delight when I recall the Charm of our first day of love! Oh, how sweet is life !
Ah I am so happy, all too happy and I tremble with exquisite delight! When I recall the charm of our first day of love!
"I FEEL THY BREATH BLOW ROUND ME" ........ Rubinstein
I feel thy breath blow round me Wherever I may be, Wherever my eyes may wander Thy face I seem to see. And in the sea of my spirit The thought of thee ne'er dies, But like the sun at morning In beauty to arise.
Les Pappillons ...........d'Ambroso
' The butterflies snowy and fleecy.
Fly in cloudy swarms o'er the sea; Happy butterflies, were your easy flight
In the azure but for me! Dost thou know, O Queen of my heaven
My dancing maid with eyes that glow, If their light wings to me were given,
Tell me, canst thou guess where I'd go No message to the rose I'd utter,
But o'er fields fly hence thro' the air; Then o'er your half-closed lips I'd flutter,
Flow'r of my spirit to perish there.
Serenade Fraxcaise
In the moonlight,
Sweet Pierrot Blonde head and brunette one
Go lanternless Each at Cupid's altar
Make their sacrifice In the moonlight
Sweet Pierrot.
Come then, to the dunes Watch the wavelets die;
Neptune's voice is calling Like a bitter sob,
In the moonlight Sweet Pierrot.
Slumber Song
In the moonlight
Sweet Pierrot Why do you sulk.
Saying nothing to me You whom I love
Above all else--poor fool, In the moonlight
Sweet Pierrot.
In the moonlight
Sweet Pierrot, Weep for my misfortune
To suffer is my fate. My sorrow is a common one
Yet 'twill cause ni}' death, In the moonlight
Sweet Pierrot.
B. A. MacDowcll
Dearest, sleep sound,
The stream's ice bound.
Softly the north wind moans;
Drowsy, sleepily, falls the snow,
Falls the snow o'er the dark pine-cones.
Dearest sleep sound,
Misty dreamland's moon-lit strand
Awaits the coming guest.
The pine logs smoulder
As soft on my shoulder
A flaxen head sinks to rest
Dearest, sleep sound, sleep sound.
1. For several obvious reasons it has been found necessary to re-arrange the dates of the Pre-Festival Concerts as follows:
Saturday, December 14--LEOPOLD GODOWSKY, Pianist Saturday, January 18--JOSEPH BONNET, Organist Saturday, February 8--TOSCHA SEIDEL, Violinist CARUSO--(Himself)--On a date to be announced The FESTIVAL will take place about the middle of May, the exact dates to be announced.
2. THE FRENCH ARMY BAND, under the auspices of the Washtenaw War Board, the Mayor, and the University School of Music, will give a concert in Hill Auditorium, Saturday evening, November 23 (one week from tonight) for the benefit of French Soldiers. This organization, under the'baton of Gabriel Pares, one of the greatest of French conductors, is made up of 61 French veteran soldiers, known as the "BLUE DEVILS OF FRANCE," each of whom has been decorated for bravery on the battlefield. The organization was sent to this country by the French Government to give a limited number of concerts at the request of the War Department. Reserved seat tickets may be secured at the University School of Music at popular prices as follows: Main floor, 50 cents; First balcony and Second balcony front, 35 cents; Second balcony rear, 25 cents.
3. In order to make it possible for members of the Student Army Training Corps, and the Naval Unit to attend, the regular Series of FACULTY CONCERTS, given in Hill Auditorium under the auspices of the University School of Music, will take place Sunday afternoons, at 3 o'clock, as follows, instead of on the dates previously announced. The concerts are given free and the general public is cordially invited, but are requested to refrain from bringing small children: December 1 and 15; January 12; February 16; March 9; and April 6. The program on December I will be given by Anna Imig, Contralto; Anthony J. Whitmire, Violinist, and Albert Lockwood, Pianist.
The UNIVERSITY MUSICAL SOCIETY is organized under an Act of the State of Michigan, providing for the incorporation of Associations not for Pec'liniary profit. Its purpose is "to cultivate the public taste for music." All fees are placed at the lowest possible point compatable with sound business principles, the financial side serving but as a means to an educational and artistic end, a fact duly recognized by the Treasury Department of the United States by exempting from War-tax, admissions to concerts given under its auspices.

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