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UMS Concert Program, October 18, 1919: Choral Union Series -- Geraldine Farrar

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Season: 1919-1920
Concert: FIRST
Complete Series: CCCXXX
Hill Auditorium - Ann Arbor, Mich

Hill Auditorium Ann Arbor, Mich. Saturday Evening, October 18, 1919
at 8 o'clock University Musical society
F. W. KELSKY, Presipent A. A. STANLEY, Director
CHORAL UNION SERIES, 1919-1920 Forty-First season first concert
No. CCCXXX Complete Series
1. Adelaide............Beethoven
Mr. Hackett
:. Etude No. 5, Op. 10 ) .... Chopin Nocturne j Toccata............Saint-Saens
Miss Renard
3. My Mother Bids Me Bind My Hair.......Haydn
In the Meadow..........Rubinstein
In the Silent Night.........Rachmaninoff
The Snowdrop.........Gretchaninofl!
Miss Fareae
4. Tes Xeux!...........Ren6 Rabey
La Procession..........CcSsar Franck
Mandoline..........Gabriel Faur5
Nocturne..........C&sar Franck
Dansons la Gigue..........Poldowski
Mr. Hackett
5. Mariage des Roses.......... Franck
Au Printemps........... Gounod
Si j'6tais Jardinier.......... Chaminade
Ouvre Tes Yeux Bleus (by request)...... Massenet
Miss Fabrak
6. Etude de Concert...........Liszt
Blue Danube Waltz.......Strauss-Schulz-Evler
Miss Renabd
7. Dream Tryst........... Cadman
Fair House of Joy..........Quilter
Sea Lyric..........George C. Vieh
O Cool is the Valley Now......Louis Koemmenich
The Eagle..........Emil J. Polak
Mr. Hackett
8. Aria, "Un Bel Di" (Madama Butterfly).....Puccini
Miss Faebab
Steinway Piano Used
Lonely wanders thy friend in Spring's green garden,
Mildly streameth the magic light around him,
As thro' trembling, flow'ry branches it quivers,
In the mirror-like stream, in Alpine snow-fields,
In the clouds' golden glow when day declineth,
In the star-fields of heaven gleams thine image,
Evening winds in the tender leaves are whisp'ring,
Silv'ry May-bells amid the cool grass rustling,
Brooks are murm'ring and nightingales are trilling:
Soon, O wonder! upon my grave behold it-Springs a blossom from out my heart's cold ashes!
Clearly shining on ev'ry purple petal,
My mother bids me bind my hair
With bands of rosy hue,
Tie up my sleeves with ribands rare
And lace my bodice blue.
For why, she cries, sit still and weep
While others dance and play
Alas, I scarce can go or creep
While Lubin is away.
'Tis sad to think the days are gone When those we love are near. I sit upon this mossy stone And sigh when none can hear. And while I spin my flaxen thread, And sing my simple lay, The village seems asleep or dead Now Lubin is away.
IN THE MEADOW.................RtmiNSTErw
'Twas in a meadow by the way
Where on the hay I slumbered;
A gentle dream upbore me, where
Float angel hosts unnumbered.
I wakened, and with sigh profound
Looked sadly, vainly all around,
A minstrel came that way along
And sang a song so ringing!
And thro' the trees passed like a gleam
While still his tones were ringing.
Ah! they were those, which from my dream
Still to my soul were clinging!
LEGEND........... Tschaikowsky
When Jesus was a little child He made a garden in tlie wild! There grew a rose-bush 'neath his care, Yielding a garland for his hair. It blossomed full upon one day When careless children came that way; They tore the rose-bush from its bed, Stripped all its leaves and blossoms red. "How wilt Thou bind thy garland fair" Their taunting voices filled the air. "Leave but for me the naked thorn," The Christ replied, yet without scorn. Then of the thorns all sharp and bare, They bound a garland o'er his hair. See where 'tis red as roses now, Great drops of blood bedew his brow!
IN THE SILENT NIGHT.............Rachmaninoff
Oh, in the silent night
I see your vision nearing,
With your caressing voice,
Tour artful smile, smile endearing,
Your hair that I was wont to stroke,
Your hair in flowing strands of black.
How oft I bid you go,
How oft I called you back!
The phrases of the past
Anew I try to fashion,
I whisper and recall
The words that voiced our passion!
Wild and despairing
I summon past delight,
With your beloved name,
I wake the silent night!
THE SNOWDROP................Geetohanikoff
Where under the birches
A snow cover lies,
A tiny white snowdrop
Had opened its eyes ;
With feet green and tiny
It pushed through the snow,
White and shiny,
And then reaching upward
And stretching with all its wee might,
It greeted the light.
"How blue is the sky, And a bird I hear sing, Oh, say is it true, Is it spring"
TES YEUX....................Rene Rabey
Tes yeux, tes jolis yeux aux longs regards si doux, Versent dans ma pensde les baisers de ton ame. Tes yeux, tes jolis yeux aux longs regards de flamme, Font brfller dans mon cceur le bonheur des jaloux.
n calment aussitot jusqu' aux moindres courroux: C'est l'oubli des pelnes, par eux, vite adoucies; C'est le soleil d'amour aux claries inflnies, Tes yeux, tresors che'ris que j'adore a genoux.
Tes yeux, tes jolis yeux aux longs regards si doux, Versent dans ma pens6e les baisers de ton (Ime. Tes yeux, tes jolis yeux aux longs regards de flamme, Sont l'ame de ma vie qui n'est rien sans vous.
Your eyes, your lovely eyes with glances deep and true, They touch my spirit like your soul's embrace; Those lovely eyes, the flames that light your face, Have kindled in my heart delirious bliss anew. They calm my anger like a gentle dew, They heal my pain, all sorrow put to flight, They glow, the sun of love, with endless light-Those eyes that, kneeling, I adore and woo. Your eyes, your lovely eyes, with glances deep and true, They touch my spirit like your soul's embrace; Those lovely eyes, the flames that light your face, Give soul unto my life--for all my life is you.
LA PROCESSION................ CjSsar France
Dieu s'avance 6. travers les champs! Par les landes, les pr6s, les verts taillis de hfitres, n vient, suivi du peuple et porti par les prfitres: Aux cantiques de l'homme, oiseaux, melez vos chants! On s'arrete. La foule autour d'un ch6ne antique S'incline en adorant, sous l'ostensoir mystique: Soleil! darde sur lui tes longs rayons couchants! Aux cantiques de l'homme, oiseaux, mfilez vos chants! Vous, fleurs, avec 1'encens exhalez votre arOme! O fete! tout reluit, tout prie et tout embaume!
God is moving the fields along!
O'er the meadow, and the moors, green beechen woodlands rifted. He comes by hosts attended by the priests high uplifted; Oh ye birds, add your carols to man's adoring song! It is ended. The throng about an oak assembling In solemn awe incline. Before the mystery trembling, Oh Sun! pour down thy rays upon this hallowed shrine! Oh ye birds, add your carols to man's adoring song! Fair flowers, your breath combine with the incense upwelling! Oh splendor! as is light, and prayer and praise high swelling!
Les donneurs de s5r6nades et les belles gcouteuses Echangent des propos fades, sous les ramures chanteuses. C'est Tircis et c'est Aminte et c'est reternel Clitandre, Et c'est Damis qui, pour mainte cruelle, fit maint vers tendre. Leurs courtes vestes de soie, leurs longues robes a queues, Leur elegance, leur joie et leurs molles ombres bleues Tourbillonnent dans l'extase d'une luue rose et grise, Et la mandoline jase parmi les frissons de brise.
Gay cavaliers serenading,
Ladies with languorous ease,
Prattle, as twilight is fading,
Beneath the murmuring trees.
They are Tircis, Aminte by name,
Clitandre and Damis, the slender,
Who for many a cruel dame,
Sang verses most tender.
Ah, jaunty silk vests and lace,
Long robes of delicate sheen,
And elegance, gaiety, grace!
Their nimble blue shadows are seen
Rioting lightly and quaintly;
The moon is a rapturous rose,
And the mandolin tinkles faintly
When the quivering night-wind blows.
Gay cavaliers serenading,
Ladies with languorous ease,
Prattle, as twilight is fading,
Beneath the murmuring trees.
NOCTURNE..................C£sab Franok
O fralche nuit, nuit transparente, Mystere sans obscurity, La vie est noire et deorante, Donne-moi ta placidity.
O belle nuit, nnit fitoilde
Vers moi tes regards sont baise's,
Bclaire mon Slme troubled
Mets ton sourire en mes pensers.
O sainte nuit, nuit taciturne, Pleine de paix et de douceur, Mon coeur bouillonne comme une urne, Fais le silence dans mon coeur.
O grande nuit, nuit solennelle, En qui tout est delicieux, Prends mon fitre entier sous ton aile, Verse le sommeil en mes yeux.
Night transparent, fragrant night, Deep, but lucid mystery, Dreary life consumes me quite-Give me thy tranquillity.
Lovely night, oh starry night, I can feel thy gaze like balm, Fill my troubled soul with light And my thoughts with thy sweet calm.
Sacred night and taciturn,
Full of gentleness and rest,
My wild heart must throb and
burn-Pour thy peace into my breast.
Solemn night, enveloping Earth with beauty of the skies, Let me rest beneath thy wing, Shed kind sleep upon my eyes.
DANSONS LA GIGUE...............Poldowski
Dansons la gigue!
J'aimais surtout ses jolis yeux, plus clairs que l'fitoile des cieux,
J'aimais ses yeux malicieux.
Dansons la gigue!
Elle avait des fagons vraiment de dfeoler un pauvre amant
Que e'en 6tait--vraiment-charmant!
Mais je trouvre encor meilleur le baiser de sa bouche en fleur
Depuis qu'elle est morte a mon coeur.
Dansons la gigue!
Je me souviens, des heures et des entretiens,
Et e'est le meilleur de mes biens.
Dansons la gigue!
Come, dance the jig. I loved beyond all her pretty eyes, brighter than the stars of heaven. I loved her mischievous eyes. She had ways of teasing a poor lover that were always charming. Better still was the kiss of her flower-sweet lips. Since to my heart she is dead, I remember our hours together, our talks--and that is my clearest possession. Come, dance the jig.
MARIAGE DES ROSES................Fbanck
Mignonne, sais-tu comment s'epousent
les roses
Ah, leur hymen est charmant! Quelles tendres choses Elles disent en fermant Leurs poupi&res closes! Elles disent, "Aimons-nous, Si courte est la vie! Ayons le baiser plus doux, L'ame plus ravie, Pendant que l'homme a genoux Doute, espere, ou prie, Oh, mes sceurs, embrassons-nous, Si courte est la vie!" Crois-moi, Mignonne, crois-moi Aimons-nous comme elles. Vois le printemps vient a toi! Et des hirondelles! Aimer est l'unique loi A leurs nids fiddles, Oh, ma reine, suis ton roi, Aimons-nous comme elles; Except d'avoir aime1, Qu'est-il done sur terre Votre horizon est ferm6, Ombre, nuit, mystere! Un seul phare est allumg, L'amour nous Gelaire, Except d'avoir aim6, Qu!est-il done sur terre
My love, dost know the way That roses are married 'Tis like the daintiest play: Like the daintiest play: Sweetest dreams are shared; Kisses light to eyelids stray By soft breezes carried! My love, dost know the way That roses are married
"Let us love!" is what they say,
"Ah, brief our existence!
Let us kiss, while kiss we may,
And make no resistance!
While upon their knees men pray
To hope-beck'ning distance,
Oh, my sisters, kiss to-day;
Too brief our existence!"
Dear Heart! in faith to me cling,
And love like the flowers!
To thee returns joyous Spring,
Joyous spring, dear, returns,
And the swallows' hours
Glow with love as home they wing
To their nesting bowers.
Oh my Queen, heed thy King!
Let their love be ours!
Is there any joy we know
Like Love's full confiding
Tour horizon shrinks its bow,
Night's mystery hiding.
One bright light sends forth its glow :
'Tis love that's abiding!
Is there any joy we know
Like Love's full confiding
AU PRINTBMPS ..................Gounod
Le printemps chasse les hivers
Bt sourit dans les arbres verts,
Sous la feuille nouvelle
Passent des bruits d'aile.
Viens, suivons les sen tiers ombreux
On s'egarent les amoureux,
Le printemps nous appelle
"Viens, soyons heureux!
Vois, le soleil fitincelle
Et sa clarte qui ruisselle,
Me semble encore plus belle,
Dans tes beaux yeux !
Que ta voix chante et se mele
A l'harmonie eternelle
Je crois entendre en elle
Chanter les cieux.
Lo, the lightfooted Spring has come And the woods all winter dumb Now are tuneful with carol and twitter
And birdling's flutter. Let us wander by mossy brake, Let us pause by the dimpled lake, Where all smileth for thy dear sake, O let us fly.
Bright is the glance that the sun
Brighter still my heart that knows Fairest light, that gloweth In thy fond eye.
See where the lark is soaring, Melodies sweet outpouring, Then let our song adoring Ascend on high.
SI J'ETAIS JARDINIER...............Chaminadb
Si j'6tais jardinier des cieux
Je te cueillerais des etoiles!
Quels joyaux raviraient tes yeux,
Si j'etais jardinier des cieux!
Dans la nuit pale
Sous ses voiles
Ton eclat serait radieux!
Si j'etais jardinier des cieux
Je te cueillerais des etoiles!
Si j'6tais jardinier d'amour,
Je te cueillerais des caresses,
Je te feterais tout le jour,
Si j'etais jardinier d'amour!
En leurs inedites tendresses
Mes bouquets te feraient la cour!
Si jetais jardinier d'amour
Je te cueillerais des caresses!
Mais mon jardin n'est que chansons,
Et tu peux y cueillir toi-meme,
Dieu pour les nids fit les buissons
Et mon jardin n'est que chansons,
Viens-tu rever si ton coeur m'aime,
Et mon cceur aura des frissons!
Mais mon jardin n'est que chansons,
Et tu peux y cueillir toi-m&me!
Were I gard'ner of tlie skies,
Many a star for thee I'd gather! What gay gems should entrance thine
Were I gard'ner of the skies! When the pale night sinks o'er the
Glorious should thy radiance rise, Were I gard'ner of the skies,
Many a star for thee I would gather!
Were I gard'ner of Love to-day,
I would gather thee caresses, Gaily whiling the hours away,
Were I gard'ner of Love to-day! With their tender, mute addresses
Court to thee my flowers should
pay; Wore I gard'ner of Love to-day,
I would gather thee caresses!
But only songs my garden bears, And thou thyself mayst come to
The bushes God for nests prepares; And only songs my garden bears. Is mine thine heart, to dream come
For my heart thy rapture shares, But only songs my garden bears, And thou thyself mayst come to gather.
OUVRB TES YEUX BLBUS..............Massenet
Ouvre tes yeux bleus, ma mignonne,
Volci le jour!
Deja la fauvette fredonne
Un chant d'amour.
L'aurore 6panouit la rose,
Viens avec moi,
Cueillir la marguerite 6close;
A quoi bon contempler la terre
Et sa beautg
L'amour est un plus dovtx myst6re
Qu'un jour d'ete!
C'est en moi que l'oiseau module
Un chant d'amour,
Et le grand soleil qui nous brflle,
Est dans mon cceur!
Open thou, my love, thy blue eyes;
For it is day. Joyously the lark in the skies,
Carols his lay.
Aurora woos the blushing rose:
Come hie with me To where the modest daisy grows;
Awaken thee! Awaken thee!
Open thou, my love, thy blue eyes;
For it is day. Why should we look on all around
In bright array
For love's a myst'ry more profound
Than summer day; To my lips, tender songs of love
In rapture start, And the sun that's glowing above,
Is in my heart!
DREAM TRYST...................Cadman
Sometimes at eve my fingers loiter long O'er some old tune we used to sing together. Oh, you are far away--too far for song, But still your voice floats in like spirit feather. So close, so close you whisper to my ear, "While we have memories, I shall be here."
Sometimes at morn I wake remembering
The willow grove all green with April weather.
Ah, you are far away,--as far as Spring,
Yet all night long we roamed the grove together.
So close, so close you whispered to my heart,
"While we have dreams, we shall not be apart."
FAIR HOUSE OF JOY................Quiltee
Fain would I change that note To which fond Love hath charm'd me Long, long to sing by rote, Fancying that that harm'd me: Yet when this thought doth come "Love is the perfect sum Of all delight!" I have no other choice Either for pen or voice To sing or write.
0 Love! they wrong thee much That say thy sweet is bitter, When thy rich fruit is such As nothing can be sweeter. Fair house of joy and bliss, Where truest pleasure is,
1 do adore thee:
I know thee what thou art, I serve thee with my heart, And fall before thee.
SEA LYRIC...............George Clifford Vteh
Over the seas to-night, love, Over the darksome deeps, Over the seas to-night, love, Slowly my vessel creeps. Over the seas to-night, love, Waking the sleeping foam,
Sailing away from thee, love, Sailing from thee and home. Over the seas to-night, love, Dreaming beneath the spars, Till in my dreams you shine, love, Bright as the list'ning stars.
O COOL IS THE VALLEY NOW...........Koemmenich
O cool is the valley now
And there, love, will we go.
For many a choir is singing now
Where Love did sometime go.
And hear you not the thrushes calling,
Calling us away
O cool and pleasant is the valley,
And there, love, will we stay.
THE EAGLE..................Earn, J. Polak
He clasps the crag with hooked hands: Close to the Sun in lonely lands, Ring'd with the azure world, he stands.
The wrinkled sea beneath him crawls; He watches from his mountain walls And like a thunderbolt he falls.
Hill Auditorium Ann Arbor, Mich. Saturday evening, October 18, 1919
at 8 o'clock University Musical society
F. W. KELSKY, Presipent A. A. STANLEY, Director
choral union se r i es, 1 9 1 9-1 9 2 o
Forty-First Season First concert
No. CCCXXX Complete Series

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