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UMS Concert Program, January 15, 1920: Choral Union Series -- Riccardo Stracciari

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Season: 1919-1920
Concert: FOURTH
Complete Series: CCCXXXV
Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan

U u
F. W. KELSEY. President A. A. STANLEY, Director
111 1=1
I Aria--"Oh, casto fior mi sospir' prom "Re d'Lahore" .
Cade la sera (Shadows of Evening) . . Star vicino (only smile., i will ask nothing more) April .........
Ill Aria--"O de' verdj anni miei' from "Ernani"
IV Two Neapolitan Songs:
Manella Mia .......
Canto Pe' me ......
La Paloma .........
V Un doux lien .......".
bonjour suzon . ...
'Cause of You . . . . . . . .
Aria--"Largo al factotum' from "BarbierE di Siviglia"
the piano used is a steinway
The next concert in the EXTRA CONCERT SERIES will be given by MISCHA LE-
VITZKI, Pianist, FRIDAY EVENING, JANUARY 23, 1920. The next concert in the MATINEE MUSICALS SERIES will be given by ILYA
EVENING, JANUARY 21, 1920, in the High School.
The next concert in the CHORAL UNION SERIES will be given by JOSEF HOFMANN
Traffic Regulation.--By order of the Police Department, on the nights of Concerts, vehicles of all kinds will be prohibited on North University Avenue between Thaycr and Ingalls Streets; Taxi-cabs must park on the West side of Thayer Street, facing South between North University Avenue and Washington Street; Private autos may be parked on Ingalls and Washington Streets. Persons on foot are requested to refrain from leaving from the Taxi-cab entrance at the Thayer Street side of the Auditorium.
Special Interurban Cars. -East for Detroit and West for Jackson and intervening points will leave the Auditorium immediately after all concerts.
Lost Articles should be enquired fop at the office of Shirley W. Smith, Secretary of the University, in University Hall, where articles found should be left.
Salvator Rosa
Alfred Delbruck
Frank Waller
O Promise of a Joy Divine, from "The King of Lahore" . Massenet
Recitative : The troops of the Sultan, who gladly would
have riven from us fair Lahore, By our own might have from the field been
driven. As if by hand unseen they have been driven
out, Their swift fight from the desert resembleth
a rout, Prom care my people free loudly sound
forth my praises! This calm my heart upraises. I yet may
happy be.
Shadows of Evening
Shadows of evening o'er us are falling, Silent, save only mournful and lonely, Soft the nightingale is calling, In notes divine, love strain enthralling; ?Message God given, in music telling, our
hearts impelling To love and Heaven.
Shadows of evening o'er us are falling, The gentle breezes are sighing, Unto the blushing roses, the sweet rose softly replying,
Aria :
O promise of a joy divine, Sita, thou dream of all my life! 0 beauty torn from me by strife At last, thou shalt be mine. O Sita! O fair one charm my living heart, And ne'er again from me depart! Come Sita! thy love for me rewarding A crown to thee I am according, O Sita, my queen thou shalt be. Ah I Sita, O come delight this heart. To thee the world its glory offers, To thee a king his crown now proffers, Come Sita, O come--Ah! Come Sita--be
Her perfum'd petals unclosing. Oh, roses, roses, our senses stealing, Fair nature's message to us revealing.
Shadows of evening darkly are falling. Daylight is dying, low my heart, sighing, Dies, too in sorrow, sees no tomorrow, My heart's sorrow knows no tomorrow. Ah! sun so cruel, thy child thus grieving, Alone in sorrow and darkness leaving, Darkly night's shadows o'er us are falling.
Aria--Only Smile, I Will Ask Nothing More . . Salvator Rosa
Golden sunlight, shine sweetly above me, Like the smile of the one I adore, O my love, since I know that you love me. Only smile, I will ask nothing more!
Let the sun and the smile be a token Of the warmth of love's heavenly glow, Of a bliss that can never be spoken, Far the richest that earth can bestow!
What were youth were there no one to love
What is summer sunlight once past Then O smile, love and sun, shine above us While our youth and our summer shall
"O Bright and Fleeting Shadows' from "Ernani" . . . Verdi
Carlos :--Great Heaven ! Is't here upon my father's tombstone they come to whet the knife wherewith to slay me!
Sceptre, dominion, ye conquests of glory, pride of youth, vain shows, what are ye
On life's dark water ye are floating barges toss'd by the billows of our troubled passions, until struck on the rock of all things mortal, death overtakes us, and for the bright flash of glory leaves us darkness!
Oh bright and fleeting shadows, Glamours of youthful vision, Fair hopes of joy Elysian,
I bid ye, I bid ye farewell for ever.
If 'tis the will of Heaven,
That pow'r to me be given,
Ah! then high o'er earthly passion upsoar-
I'll win a deathless fame, ah! Virtue shall lend me wings of flame, And glorious, and glorious shall be my
Virtue shall lend me wings, Virtue shall lend me wings of flame, And glorious shall be my name, I'll win, I'll win a deathless fame, I'll win
a deathless fame.
Mia........Vincenzo Valente
Musica di Vincenzo Valente
Mana ca m'accarezza e me cunzola uh quanta smanie t' 'e pigliate 'a me! Dint' 'a sta vita abbindunata e sola sempe m' e parso 'nsuonna 'e te vedel
E te vedevo movere 'a luntano comme avisse voluto saluta; e currevo addu te cu 'o core mmano, appaurato 'e me pute sceta!
Canta pe' me .
Canta pe' me stanotte 'na canzone, tu ca si' bella e tiene 'a voce d'oro. canta pe' me, stanotte, ca si moro, moro sentenno 'na bella canzone.
Ganta 'na serenata 'e marenare,
ch'a tantu tiempe nun se canta cchiu Mare,--stanotte quanta varche a mare I ma tu nun cante, ma a che pienze tu
La Paloma ....
When I severed from Havana so long ago
No one knew but thee what joy I left behind ;
And yet there are many dearer to thee, I know,
So still to its fate my heart must be resigned.
If at thy pane a beautiful dove comes winging,
Treat it with kindness for my own thoughts 'tis bringing!
Say thou wilt love it, close to thy heart oh! press it!
Crown it with flow'rs and ever more love caress it!
Ah, my darling so dear, bid it no more to roam,
Love's Sweet Bond
From one sweet bond our hopes seem both
to rise
Our whisper'd words had but one theme; When in alarm I ope'd my eyes 'Twas but a dream!
And when one word of love I craved of
thee, Thy lips at last willing did seem;
Good Morning, Sue .
Good morning, Sue, my fleur-de-lis,
And are you still the prettiest maid here
I'm home again as you may see
From Italy and far away dear!
I've travell'd Paradise all through,
I've made love and verses too,
But why should you care
I'm passing by your door today,
So let me in I pray!
Good morning, Sue!
Tieneme astrinto, tieneme afferrato, manella mia, pe nun me lassa cchiu! Mo' can m' 'e visto tanto appassiunato me puo da pace sulamente tu!
Ma si t' ha da passa sta fantasia, si sta cundanna 'e morte aggio 'a pate, portate appriesso tutt' 'a vita mia! Scippame 'o, e nun m' 'o fa vede! Versi di Ferdinando Russo
Libero Bovio
Peeche' tu chiagne, si 'a nuttata e' bella e si figliola, 'e tiene 'a voce d'oro canta pe me, pe me ca me ne more, moro sentenno 'na canzone bella.
Canta--Luntana mia--ca si tornata, ca si' tornata e nun te ne puo ghi canta, peeche te tengo ncatenata, peeche "tu sola" me 'a vede muri!
Sebastian Yradier
But say thou'lt follow it dearest one ever
E'en to my mountain home.
Ah, my darling so dear!
Bid it no more to roam,
But say tliou wilt follow it dearest,
E'en to my mountain home.
O, come to me, O, come to me,
My heart is longing for thee love, for thee!
My soul is sighing where'er I be,
My heart is longing for thee, for thee,
Fly with my little dove o'er land and sea,
Fly with it darling to me!
Fly with my birdie o'er land and sea,
Fly with it darling to me, yes, to me.
Alfred Delbruck
Thy soul had life in me!
'Twas but a dream, 'Twas but a dream;
A cherish'd dream that from my soul doth
Dost tliou alas! now cease to gleam Soothe once again My aching heart! But let me dream!
Leo Delibes
In lilac time I saw you last,
Your merry heart was just awaking,
And then you told me "not too fast,
You cannot have me for the taking!"
What have you done while I was gone
He comes too late who leaves too soon!
But why should I care!
I'm passing by your door today,
So let me in I pray!
Good morning, Sue!
"'Cause of You" .
Heart seeking heart is the law of life,
While heart losing heart is strife. I've wandered lonely o'er land and sea,
Happiness fled from me. But I forget all this,
When your dear lips I kiss. Dearest, I know the storm is past,
Safely the anchor now is cast Sweetheart your love is ever new,
In all my dreams of you, I am true, you are true.
'Cause of you, my days are brighter, 'Cause of you I'm happy now,
And I take my worries lighter, For your love has taught me how.
Frank Laird Waller
Serving you, brings heaven nearest, 'Cause of you, my dreams come true.
I would give my life for you my dearest, I am blest in loving you.
Let me rejoice all my future days,
For love brightens all my ways. Clouds never darken the sunny skies,
Tears never dim my eyes, You were my flow'ring spring,
Making my fond heart sing. Dearest, fulfilment now is here,
Harvest has brought it's glories near Breezes are whisp'ring sweet and low,
The stars they seem to know, I love you, love you so.
Largo Ai, Factotum, from "Ii, Barbieue Di Sevigua" . . Rossini
Room for the city's factotum here,
La, la, la, la, la, la.
I must be off to my shop, for the dawn is
La, la, la, la, la, la.
What a merry life, what pleasure gay, Awaits a barber of quality. Ah bravo Figaro; bravo, bravissimo, bravo. Of men, the happiest, sure, art thou, bravo. La, la, la, la, la, la.
Ready at all hours of the night, and by day
Perpetually in bustle and motion.
What happier region of delight!
What nobler life for a barber than mine I
Rzors; combs, lancets, scissors,
Behold--them all at my command!
Besides the snug perquisites of the business,
With gay damsels and cavaliers.
All call me! All want me!
Dames and maidens, old and young.
My peruke! cries one; my beard; shouts another;
Bleed me! cries this; this billet doux;
whispers that,
Figaro, Figaro! heavens, what a crowd! Figaro, Figaro! heavens what a tumult! One at a time, for mercy sake! Figaro here; Figaro there; Figaro above;
Figaro below;
I am all activity. I am quick as lightning; In a word, I am the factotum of the town. Oh, what a happy life ! But little fatigue--abundant amusement, With a pocket that can always boast a
The noble fruit of my reputation. So it is: without Figaro there's not a girl
In Seville will marry: To me the little widows have recourse for
a husband: I, under excuse of my comb by day, and
under favor of my guitar at night, Endeavor to please all in an honest way, Oh! what a happy life, what a happy life!
MISCHA LEVITZKI, Phenomenal Pianist
-IN --
TICKETS $1.00, $1.50, $2.00; Course tickets including concerts by CAROLINA LAZZARI, Metropolitan Opera Contralto (Feb. 28) and TRIO DE LUTECE, GEORGE BARRERE, Flute, CARLOS SALZEDO, Harp, LUCIEN SCHMID, 'Cello (Mar. 30), $2.00, $2.50, $3.00, $3.50.

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