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UMS Concert Program, January 29, 1934: Choral Union Concert Series -- Lily Pons

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Season: 1933-1934
Concert: Seventh
Complete Series: 2171
Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Seventh Concert 1933-1934 Complete Series 2171
Fifty-fifth Annual
Choral Union Concert Series
LILY PONS, Soprano
August Witteborg, Flautist Giuseppe Bamboschek, at the Piano
Monday Evening, January 29, 1934, at 8:15 Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Se tu m'ami................Pergolesi
Pur dicesti, 0 bocca bella.............Lotti
Air from "Zemire et Azor"............Gretry
Lo, here the gentle lark.............Bishop
Lily Pons
Aria, "Caro nome" ("Rigoletto")...........Verdi
Miss Pons
Air, "Tu vois la-bas" ("The Czar's Bride") .... Rimsky-Korsakoff
The Rose and the Nightingale........Rimsky-Korsakoff
Aria, "Una voce poco fa" ("The Barber of Seville") .... Rossini
Miss Pons
Theme Varie...............Saint-Saens
Les Filles de Cadix..............Delibes
Pastorale.................La Forge
Miss Pons
Mad Scene from "Lucia di Lammermoor".......Donizetti
Miss Pons
Baldwin piano furnished by courtesy of Schaeberle and Son
Se tu m'ami................Pergolesi
If thou lov'st me and sighest
But for me, O gentle swain Sweet I find thy loving favor,
Pitiful I feel thy pain. Shouldst thou think, though, that demurely
I on thee alone may smile, Simple shepherd, thou are surely
Prone thy senses to beguile!
Like a fair red rose, a lover
Sylvia fain might choose today; Haply, if she thorns discover,
'Tis tomorrow thrown away. Though men prate of maiden folly,
I care not what they advise; Nor because I love the lily,
Shall I other flowers despise.
Pur dicesti, 0 bocca bella.............Lotti
Mouth so charmful, O tell me now Why that sweetness lures me so, That in thee all bliss is mine
E'en thy charms to vow compel me, Cupid ope'd thee with a kiss, Thou sweet fount of joy divine.
Air from "Zemire et Azor"............Gretry
"Les fauvettes avec ses petits"
Like a proud queen, the tiny warbler
Rules her nest. At night, her brood all warm
Beneath her breast. When with the dawn day comes again, What chirping then awakes the glen! And when at her behest They gather, timorously to try
Their little wings in flight--and fly! What mother-bird more blest! But ah, alas! She cannot know The danger that awaits below-The lurking shadow in the copse-A shot is heard. A tiny form lies still--Poor mother-bird!
Lo, here the gentle lark ....
Lo, here the gentle lark, weary of rest, From his moist cabinet mounts up on high
.. . . . Sir Henry Bishop
And wakes the morning, from whose
silver breast The sun ariseth in true majesty.
Aria, "Caro nome" ("Rigoletto")...........Verdi
Carved upon my inmost heart Is that name for evermore, Ne'er again from thence to part, Name of him whom I adore!
Thou to me art ever near, Every thought to thee wilt fly; Life for thee alone is dear, Thine shall be my parting sigh.
Air, "Tu vois la-bas" (''The Czar's Bride")
Dost thou see there on the heights the heavens like an azure veil descending God has divinely ordered it like unto a silken vejvet. Is it the same in other lands See, there above, a cloud is passing--its shape like a golden crown. 0 tell me, beloved, shall we also be crowned tomorrow
The Rose and the Nightingale........Rimsky-Korsakoff
The rose enslaves the nightingale; But though he sing till dawn shows pale, No answering word the rose bestoweth. Another minstrel takes his lyre And strives a maiden's heart to fire. Alas, the maiden scarcely knoweth For whom he sings nor why his strain Is full of yearning, love, and pain.
Aria, "Una voce poco fa" ("The Barber of Seville")
A little voice I heard just now, Oh, it has thrilled my very heart! I feel that I am wounded sore, And Lindor 'twas that hurled the dart. Yes, Lindor, dearest, shall be mine!
I've sworn it, and we'll never part. My guardian surely won't consent, But I must sharpen all my wit. Content at last, he will relent, And we, 0 joy, will wedded be!
Theme Varie...............Saint-Saens
Shepherd, I hear thy voice And note thy loving song. Thou sayest I am fair, Perchance thou art not wrong. But go! Away with thy complaint, My heart is pure and cold
As water of yon fountain That doth the sky enfold. Thy song, I grant, is tender And made to charm the heart; But hope not thus to win me, Go, from my side depart!
Les Filles de Cadix..............Delibes
Three lads, three maids, we all did go
To see the sportive fighting.
The sky was clear, fresh winds did blow,
We danced the joyous bolero,
Its strains our hearts delighting.
"Neighbor, prithee say
If these colors gay
My eyes brighter render
How look I today
Come, think vou my waist is slender
Ah, ah!
To words like these The maids of Cadiz Most partial are."
While we did dance the bolero,
One Sunday evening gayly,
There came to us a hidalgo,
A feather from his hat did flow-'Twas thus he strutted daily.
"0, wilt thou be mine,
Dark eyes smiling sweetly,
I'll act most discreetly-Speak, this gold is thine!"
"Begone, most noble lord, and fleetly!
Ha, ha!
Such words as these To maids of Cadiz Distasteful are."
Mad Scene from "Lucia di Lammermoor"
How sweetly, gently steals thy voice
upon my ear!
Ah, those dear accents once again I hear. My Edgar, now at length I'm safe with
To thee I've flown from all thine enemies. What coldness shoots like ice within my
veins! Each fibre of my being trembles--my
footstep fails. Here at the fountain once more I'm with
thee. 0 Heaven, see'st thou, love, yon dark
and fearful phantom Ah, it would part us! Hark! Through the air a heavenly harmony swelleth;
Hark! Dost thou hear it 'Tis our
nuptial hymn, They await us at the altar. Oh, the joy
that fills my heart! They light the incense. See, now the
priest approaches.
Place thou thy hand in mine. Oh, blissful moment! Now, at last, I'm thine. What rapture boundless for me now
preparing! Each pleasure henceforth has a double
sharing. Thanks, bounteous Heaven, for this glad
new life!
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