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UMS Concert Program, January 25, 1935: Choral Union Concert Series -- Lotte Lehmann

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Season: 1934-1935
Concert: Sixth
Complete Series: 2249
Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Sixth Concert 1934-1935 Complete Series 2249
Fifty-Sixth Annual
Choral Union Concert Series
Lotte Lehmann, Soprano Erno Balogh, Accompanist
Friday Evening, January 25, 1935, at 8:15 Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan
And she asks of the winds what tidings they bring Her true love, will he come on the morrow
Die Liebende schreibt........Mendelssohn
The woman writes to her distant lover of her eager longing to hear from him.
Venetianisches Gondellied........Mendelssohn
When through the piazzetta night breathes her cool air, Then, dearest Ninetta, I'll come to thee there.
Der Mond.......... . Mendelssohn
The moon, the gentle moon art thou, thus softly o'er me shining. With rays of peace my soul endow that it may cease repining.
Over the Steppe 1......... Gretchaninoff
Cradle Song j
In the Silence of the Night....... Rachmaninoff
My Native Land.......... Gretchaninoff
Der Nussbaum "I
Waldesgesprach I
An den Sonnenschein i . . .......Schumann
Ich grolle nicht Auftrage
Fa la nina, bambin'..........Sadero
Do Not Chide Me..........Balogh
The Steinway Piano and the Skinner Organ are the official concert instruments of the University Musical Society
Over the Steppe.....
The dreary steppe where I'm journeying Never a flower to be seen; Never a tree where the nightingale Sings in a bower of green.
Gloomy the night envelops me Never a star shines above. What called you back to my memory Suddenly, swiftly, my love!
A. Gretchaninoff
Clear as the day, my beloved one, Rises before me your face; Vision of gladness that instantly Lights up the dark, boundless space.
Now, hear the song of the nightingale Break from the thicket near by, Now all the desert is blooming, Myriad of stars gleam on high.
Cradle Song......
Sleep, my pretty one, close to mother! Bye, O Baby, bye! Bye, O Baby, bye! While the moon peers through the window like a great round eye.
A. Gretchaninoff
Mother tells her bedtime stories, Croons her lullaby. Cuddle close, my blue-eyed darling! Bye, O Baby, bye! Bye, O Baby, bye!
In the Silent Night
Serge Rachmaninoff
Oh, in the silent night, I dream that you are near, With your caressing voice, your loving smile so dear. Your hair in flowing strands of black, How oft I bid you go, how oft I call you back! With whispers of thy name I wake the silent night, But you are gone forever, my life, my love, my light!
My Native Land
Homeland, mine, my native land! Beating hoofs of horse, Scream of eagles in the sky, Howl of wolves in winter.
A. Gretchaninoff
Hi! thou native land of mine! Dreaming virgin forests, Midnight songs of nightingales, Wind-swept fields and meadows.
Der Nussbaum
Robert Schumann
An almond-tree grows beside a cot, Branches o'ershadow that tranquil spct, And countless fair blossoms are clustered there, Op'ning their leaves to the wooing air.
The branches are softly whisp'ring now,
Playing, swaying, And kissing, as bough entwines with bough.
They tell of a maiden
With dream-thoughts o'erladen.
She dreams night and day,
Nor her thoughts could she say. They whisper, and who may guess she doth hear They tell of a bridegroom who will come in the year. The maiden sleeps--the tree-top sighs While slumber closes her dreamy eyes.
Waldesgesprach ....
'Tis late, 'tis late, cold breezes moan. Why rid'st thou through the forest lone Thou art alone, the forest's wide, I'll bear thee home, thou lovely bride.
Men's guile and fraud are great, in twain My heart is rent with grief and pain; Drear sounds the bugle far and near, Thou know'st me not, O flee from here!
...... Schumann
So richly decked are maid and steed, Thy youthful form is fair indeed; I know thee well, God help me now! The sorceress Loreley art thou.
Thou know'st me then. Yon castle mine From lofty crag looks on the Rhine; 'Tis late, 'tis late, cold breezes moan, Ne'er wilt thou leave this forest lone.
An den Sonnenschein...........Schumann
O shining sun, O shining sun, Thy brightness all my heart has won; And thoughts of love thou wakest, That all too narrow grows my breast. Too narrow are my house and home, And when I through the gateway roam, Thou lurest on amid the green, The fairest maidens all, I ween.
0 shining sun, dost think of me That I shall dare to do like thee, Who kissest every pretty flower That opens only to thy power Yet thou hast seen the world so long, And well dost know for me 'twere wrong! Then why hast thou my heart undone, O shining sun, O shining sun.
Ich grolle nicht . ..........Schumann
(I judge thee not)
I judge thee not, altho' my heart must I judge thee not, altho' my heart must
Dear love forever lost, dear love forever I saw thee, ay, I dreamt thee,
I judge thee not, I judge thee not.
Tho' thou may'st gleam ablaze in diamond light,
There strikes no beam to pierce my bosom's night:
That long I've known.
And saw the darkness in thy heart-room
empty, And saw the snake, that ever gnaws thine
heart, I saw, my love, how sore in need thou
art, I judge thee not, I judge thee not.
Not so hasty, tiny streamlet!
Here's a message I would send
To my love down yonder.
Say I would be coming
To ask her for a kiss
But that time won't let me.
Not so hasty, dancing sprite!
Here's a message I would send
To my love down yonder.
Bear a thousand greetings to her,
Nay, a hundred more!
Say I would be fleeing with thee
Robert Schumann
Over hill and dale
For the favor of a kiss,
But that time won't let me.
Do not wait till I compel thee, lazy
Here's a message I would send To my love down yonder. Greet her for me. Say that I would come For the favor of a kiss, But thine the fault, impatient stream That hurried on without me.
Fa la nina, bambin'
Geni Sadero
Rockaby, baby mine, in the soft arms of thy mother.
Rockaby, rockaby, for thy mother is here, and thy father will come soon. Rockaby, rockaby.
And if thy father does not come, then thy mother will weep bitterly, but my baby will not know, for he will peaceably sleep. Hush-a-by, rock-a-by, baby mine!
Do Not Chide Me ...
Do not chide me, my Beloved, For trembling at your touch; For quiv'ring when I see you, For loving you too much.
Do not chide me, my Beloved, For the pallor of my cheeks, For each hour that I have waited, I have lived through days and weeks.
..... Erno Balogh
Do not chide me, my Beloved, For watching all the night For the moment that will bring me Once again into your sight.
Do not chide me, my Beloved, For the weakness that you see; I am strength itself, my dearest, When your arms encircle me.
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