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UMS Concert Program, November 11, 1935: Fifty-seventh Annual Choral Union Concert Series -- Don Cossack

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Season: 1935-1936
Concert: Third
Complete Series: 2307
Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Third Concert 1935-1936 Complete Series 2307
Fifty-Seventh Annual
Choral Union Concert Series
Monday Evening, November 11, 1935, at 8:15 Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan
I believe in God, the Father Almighty.
Praised be Thou, O Lord.......Tchaikovsky
Praised be Thou, 0 Lord, teach me Thy judgments, etc.
We Sing to Thee.........Kastalsky
The ritual of the Greek Orthodox Church is indebted to Kastalsky for a number of anthems and a setting of the Liturgy of St. Chrysostom.
Funeral Song.........Tschesnokoff
Give peace, 0 Christ, to the soul of your servant. Let it rest with the saints in the holy realm, where there is no sorrow, nor pain, nor sighs, only life eternal; and where laments become a song: Hallelujah.
Who Can Equal Thee ........ Bortniansky
Who can equal Thee in greatness, 0 Lord Thou art the God who girdeth my loins with strength and traceth Thy unerring way.
History in Song of S. Jaroff and his Don Cossack Chorus . . Schvedofp Tra-ta-ta-tal Trumpets sound and the calm river Don trembles. Russia is in danger 1 The call grows louder and one begins to hear "Deutschland uber Alles" mixed with "God Save the Tzar." Cossacks fly to countries "strange and far" where people fight one against the other. The war is at its climax . . . Suddenly the cry . . . "Down With War of People 1 . . . Long Live War of the Classes!" Again "bullets whistle and blood flows" . . . brother against brother. Red against White. Then, strange countries filled with cold, hunger, sickness, death--"Adieu, comrades, loved ones, Mother Russia, home and thee, O comforting Don." Cossacks die with last whispers to their beloved Don. Anxiety, despair, hopelessness . . . "O Lord, Save Thy Faithful 1" Again the calm Don trembles and the souls of the Cossacks live again in melodies of their homeland--lost, but never to be forgotten. United around their leader they march to peaceful victories. Songs of Mother Russia replace the trumpet. Loved ones live again. Enemies become friends. Suddenly the cry: "Long Live the Army of the Don Cossacksl"
Terek and Kuban Cossack Songs ..... Arr. by S. Jaroff Crush, cut down, kill--show no pity to your eternal enemy the infidel Turk. With God's help, Cossacks of the Kuban, go forth to battle without fear.
The Steinway Piano and the Skinner Organ are the official concert instruments of the University Musical Society
The Volga Song.........Folk-Song
This is one of the oldest and most popular Volga songs. It refers to Stenka Razin, the robber, who with his comrades terrorized and plundered the Volga merchants.
Down on dear mother Volga
In the open,
A storm ha5 started
A growing storm.
Nothing is seen on the waters
But a black boat
With white sails.
In black hats, in red girdles
The merry men row
And their leader stands himself at the helm
Proudly wearing his brown kaftan (coat).
The Captive Cossacks........Nishtchinsky
A song referring to the capture of Cossacks by Turks.
Song of the Indian Host (from the opera "Sadko") . . Rimsky-Korsakoff
Numberless are the diamonds in the stone caves,
Numberless the pearls in the Southern sea,
Those wonders of far India.
There is a wonderful stone, the telesia, in the warm sea,
There is the Phoenix-Bird with the face of a maiden on that stoae,
It is spreading its wings and covering the sea.
Whoever hears that bird song, shall never forget it.
From "The Invisible Town Kitesh and the Maid Fevronia" . Rimsky-Korsakoff Arranged for Male Chorus by S. Jaroff
(1) The poor people are begging for alms in God's name.
(2) Revellers! Revellers!
a) Who is dancing and hopping at vespers' time Revellers! Revellers!
b) Bridal Song
c) Song of Russian Warriors
d) Finale. Chorus in the Invisible Town
"There are no tears and no ailings
But endless joy and happiness in this town."
An Old Polka ........ Arr. by Dobrowen
A young girl invites her sweetheart to dance the polka with her.
Lezginka .......... Schvedoff
A Caucasian song
Two Don Cossack Sengs ....... Arr. by S. Jaroff
Courageous Cossacks, be gay! You who are honorable and glorious! By your courage set the example for your friends. Show them how to conquer their enemies.
We destroy the ranks of our enemies without leaving our own. We hear only the orders of our Commandant in marching ahead to victory for our arms.
Coming Musical Events
Hill Auditorium
Faculty Concert. Arthur Hackett, tenor; Mabel Ross Rhead, piano; the School of Music Trio--Wassily Besekirsky, violin, Hanns Pick, violoncello, and Joseph Brinkman, piano. Sunday, November 17, 4:15 p.m. No admission charge.
Organ Recital. Palmer Christian, organist. Sunday, November 24, 4:15 p.m. No admission charge.
Choral Union Concert. Fritz Kreisler, violin. Tuesday, December 3, 8:15. Tickets on sale at School of Music office.
Notice: The right is reserved to make such changes in the dates and artists announced as necessity may require. While wide and prompt publicity is given to dates thus changed, to avoid inconvenience it is suggested that, to far as possible, out-oftown guests confirm the dates in advance.

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