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UMS Concert Program, November 22, 1936: Faculty Concert Series -- Thelma Lewis

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Season: 1936-1937
Concert: Third
Complete Series: 2385
Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Third Concert 1936-1937 Complete Series 238S
Faculty Concert Series
Thelma Lewis, Soprano Maud Okkelberg, Pianist
Thelma Newell, Violinist Ava Comin Case, Accompanist
The Chamber Music Class Hanns Pick, Conductor
Sunday Afternoon, November 22, 1936, at 4:15 Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Prelude and Fugue in A Minor.......Bach-Liszt
Ballade, Op. 52.......... . Chopin
Maud Okkelbeko
Verborgenheit T
Auch kleine Dinge 1 . H w
In dem Schatten meiner Locken -.... nuoo wolf
Und willst du deinen Liebsten sterben sehen J
Alte Liebe . . . . . . . . ... . Brahms
Thelma Lewis
Suite for Violin and Piano, Op. 10 ....... Sdjdqjo
Presto Adagio
Tempo giusto
Thelma Newell and Ava Comin Cask
"Le Dit des Jeux du Monde" (The tale of the world's plays) . . Honegger Suite for string instruments, flute, trumpet, and percussion, from the poem by Paul Meral.
I.....and here is a child trying to dip all of the water from the sea, which is Life-and the sea and the child play together.....
II.....and here is a man whom the world called mad.....
Ill.....and here is a mountain whose rocks free themselves and tumble down--and the
mountain and the rocks play together.....
IV.....and here is a man who descends from the mountain stalked by his inevitable
V.....and here is a lowly rat, caught in the swirling mists of death--and the rat and
Death play together.....
VI.....and here is a man struggling frantically in the sea which is Death--and the man
and the waters play together.....
VII. Epilogue
.... and there is Death for him who combats the world. This is the solemn mystery of the world's plays.
Chamber Music Class, Hanns Pick, Conductor
The members of the Chamber Music Class participating in this performance are: William Bagwell, Myer Bello, Henry Bruinsma, Don Chown, Kenneth Cole, George Finch, Anna Ganter, Beryl Harrison, Alice Hoffman, William Jones, John Krell, Elizabeth Leslie, Mary Francis McDonough, Alex Miller, Amy Nanzetta, Irving Panush, Richard Schauss, Alice Schuhmann, and Fred Wiest.
The Steinway Piano and the Skinner Organ are the official concert instruments of the University Musical Society
Coming Musical Events
Choral Union Concerts
8:15 p.m.
Jascha Heifetz, Violinist.....Monday, November 30
Boston Symphony Orchestra . . . Thursday, December 10 Serge Koussevitzky, Conductor
Josef Hofmann, Pianist......Monday, December 14
Detroit Symphony Orchestra . . . . Friday, January 15 Bernardino Molinari, Guest Conductor
Gregor Piatigorsky, Violoncellist . . . Monday, January 25
Artur Schnabel, Pianist.....Tuesday, February 23
Nelson Eddy, Baritone......Thursday, March 25
Forty-fourth Annual May Festival
Six Concerts: May 12, 13, 14, 15, 1937
The Philadelphia Orchestra Eugene Okmandy, Conductor Jose Iturbi, Guest Conductor
The University Choral Union Young People's Festival Chorus Earl V. Moore, Conductor Juva N. Higbee, Conductor
Organ Recital Series
Complimentary at 4:15 Wednesday, February 17......Arthur Poister
Professor Poister, Guest Organist, is Professor of Organ at the University of Redlands.
Faculty Concert Series
Complimentary at 4:15
Sunday, December 6......Handel's "Messiah"
Sunday, January 24 ... University Symphony Orchestra Sunday, January 31 (Bach Recital) . Palmer Christian, Organist
Sunday, February 21.......Faculty Concert
Sunday, March 7 .... University Symphony Orchestra
Sunday, March 21........Faculty Concert
Sunday, April 4 . . . . University Symphony Orchestra
Notices: The right is reserved to make such changes in the dates and artists announced as necessity may require. While wide and prompt publicity is given to dates thus changed, to avoid inconvenience it is suggested that, so far as possible, out-of-town guests confirm the dates in advance.
The concerts in the Faculty and Organ Recital Series are given without admission charge, except that for obvious reasons, small children will not be admitted.

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