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UMS Concert Program, October 20: Sixty-fourth Annual Choral Union Concert Series -- Don Cossack Chorus

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Season: 1942-1943
Concert: First
Complete Series: 2848
Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan

First Concert 1942-1943 Complete Series 2848
Sixty-Fourth Annual
Choral Union Concert Series
Tuesday Evening, October 20, at 8:30 Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Funeral Service (Traditional).......Arr. by C. Shvedoff
Let Christ be Resurrected...... . . . D. Bortniansky
(Arr. by S. Jaroff) Of Thy Mystical Supper...........A. Lvoff
(Arr. by S. Jaroff)
0 God, Save Thy People.........P. Tchesnokoff
Three Moments from the Don Cossacks' Life.....C. Shvedoff
Song of an Apple
Cradle Song of an Old Don Cossack Don Cossacks on the Attack
In Praise of Raspberries (New Russian Song) . . . Arr. by C. Shvedoff
(Arr. by S. Jaroff)
The Plain, the Steppe (Cossack Song).......L. Knipper
Two Soldier Songs . . . , . . . . . . Arr. by C. Shvedoff
Lezginka............Arr. by C. Shvedoff
Song of the Alesha Popovich, from the Opera,
"Dobrynia Nikitich"........A. Gretchaninoff
Cradle Song.............A. Liadoff
Song of Stenka Razin........Arr. by I. Dobrovein
Three Cossack Songs.......... Arr. by S. Jaroff
Note: The Don Cossack Chorus has been heard in the Choral Union Series on previous occasions as follows: November 20, 1930; January 13, 1932; November 19, 1934; November 11, 1935; and November 18, 1940.
The Steinway piano and the Skinner organ are the official concert instruments of the University Musical Society
Funeral Service (Traditional).......Arr. by C. Shvedoff
This number is dedicated to Russian soldiers killed during the present war. It is a collection of chants customarily sung at funeral services in Russian churches. "Give rest eternal and blessed sleep, O Lord, to the souls of Thy servants who have died and to those who have laid down their lives for the Faithi and the Fatherland; and make their memory eternal."
Let Christ Be Resurrected........ D. Bortniansky
(Arr. by S. Jaroff)
The words of this chant are taken from the Easter night services. The composition belongs to the category of "concerti" which were used at solemn church services. The composer had added considerable European influence to Russian church music and is responsible for thirty-five such concerti.
Of Thy Mystical Supper......... A. Lvoff
(Arr. by S. Jaroff) A chant sung on Holy Thursday, pervaded with the mood of the occasion.
0 God, Save Thy People.........P. Tchesnokoff
The words of this chant are usually intoned by the priest at the end of all Russian church serrvices. In this concert number a bass utters the words, while the choir repeats the words, "0 God, save them."
Three Moments from the Don Cossacks' Life.....C. Shvedoff
Commemorating the twentieth concert season of the Don Cossack Chorus under the direction of Serge Jaroff, this composition seeks to reflect certain aspects of the life of the Don Cossacks during the past two decades. In three movements, it is based upon Don Cossack and Russian folk songs with additional music composed by C. Shvedoff who has also written the lyrics.
Song of an Apple
This song begins with a plaint about an apple tree which after a long draught has grown weak and unable to hold the apples on its branches. This would symbolize the material and moral bankruptcy of Russia before the Revolution. As a result of this cancerous condition the Russian Revolution burst. Some Russians fled the new regime and emigrated to other countries. Separated from their native land they were, in words of the song, like apples which fell from the tree and rolled away.
Cradle Song of an Old Don Cossack
An old Don Cossack lulls his grandson to sleep singing for him that popular Don Cossack song, "Once Upon a Time." The song is taken up by the choir. Against this musical background the old Cossack sings about the old1 days of the glorious Cossack army and strangely glamorous Cossack uniforms. "Perhaps some day when you grow up, my grandson, you will sing the same old songs and you will remember our Don River and me, your old grandfather. "Sleep on, my grandson! Have a good rest."
Don Cossacks on the Attack
The time is the present. In the camp of the Don Cossacks the alarm is sounded. The enemy is close! It is moving forward. Make haste! The command is given, and the Don Cossacks ride to attack! This song is followed again by the popular "Once Upon a Time". Then the Choir sings:
No mercy, no quarter for those
Who have no concept of honor
Who for their crimes can only expect revenge
Who like beasts torture defenseless children
Who kill innocent children
These are a brand of vipers, sons of Satan
Death is their only reward.
As the song dies away, it dissolves into a prayer:
Lord Help them to return with victory Save our homeland and our beloved Don.
In Praise of Raspberries (New Russian Song) . . . Arr. by C. Shvedoff A girl goes to gather raspberries--meets her sweetheart-and returns home with an empty basket. Against a background of the choir simulating the effect of the "harmoshka," a Russian accordion, the words are sung by three tenors.
The Plain, the Steppe (Cossack Song).......L. Knipper
(Arr. by S. Jaroff)
The day when the youthful Cossacks were called to the colors was a sad one for all young couples. The Cossacks never dared show their feelings, and full of courage they say: "Wipe your tears, girls, and let us sing to you our fighting song: 'Field, wide field'." The music of the1 song begins pianissimo, then becomes louder to a climax, then, pianissimo once more. A characteristic rhythmic accompaniment of the major melody expresses the galloping of horses.
Two Soldier Songs.........Arr. by C. Shvedoff
The first is lyrical with a broad, flowing melody; the second is a marching song in which a soldier sings, "If you, Parasha, will love me, I will feel like a Tzar, or even more-like a general."
Lezginka............Arr. by C. Shvedoff
Based on a Caucasian melody, this song begins with a prayer and ends with a dance in increasing tempo.
Song of the Alesha Popovich, from the Opera,
"Dobrynia Nikitich"........A. Gretchaninoff
Alesha sings of the flowers blighted by a sudden frost and of a bird separated from its
Cradle Song.............A. Liadoff
Of the limited number of songs in the repertoire of Liadoff, this is considered one of the gems.
Song of Stenka Razin.........Arr. by I. Dobrovein
Stenka Razin, well known robber, became popular with the people because he gave them the plunder he had wrenched from the rich merchant ships sailing the Volga. This song concerns an episode wherein Razin, to hold the popularity of his men, throws a Persian Princess into the Volga.
Three Cossack Songs .......... . Arr. by S. Jaroff
The first song describes the devotion of Kuban Cossacks to their native land; the second tells of the ease with which Cossacks adjust themselves to all conditions of life, even captivity. The third sings the praises of Ataman Platoff, most popular hero of the Don Cossacks.
The Cleveland Orchestra concert will take place Sunday, November 8, at 8:30 p.m., instead of in the afternoon as previously announced.
Guiomar Novaes, Brazilian pianist, will give a recital Friday evening, March 5. at 8:30, taking the place of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.
Choral Union Concerts
(All concerts, including the Cleveland Orchestra, will be given at 8:30 p.m.)
Gladys Swarthout, Mezzo-Soprano . . . . . Thursday, October 29
Cleveland Symphony Orchestra . . . . . Sunday, November 8 Artur Rodzinski, Conductor
Albert Spalding, Violinist......Thursday, November 19
Artur Schnabel, Pianist.......Thursday, December 3
Boston Symphony Orchestra......Wednesday, December 9
Serge Koussevitzky, Conductor
Josef Hofmann, Pianist........Monday, January IS
Jascha Heifetz, Violinist .......Tuesday, February 16
Guiomar Novaes, Pianist.........Friday, March 5
(Taking the place of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra)
Nelson Eddy, Baritone . . . . . . . . Wednesday, March 17
A limited number of tickets for the season or for individual concerts are still available.
Annual "Messiah" Concert
THE UNIVERSITY MUSICAL SOCIETY announces the annual "Messiah" concert, Sunday afternoon, December 13, at 3:00, in Hill Auditorium.
Marjorie McClung, Soprano Harold Haugh, Tenor
Eileen Law, Contralto John Macdonald, Bass
Palmer Christian, Organist University Symphony Orchestra
University Choral Union Hardin van Deursen, Conductor
Reserved seat tickets, including tax: Main floor, 60 cents; balconies, 30 cents. Now on sale at the offices of the University Musical Society, Burton Memorial Tower.
Chamber Music Festival
The THIRD ANNUAL CHAMBER MUSIC FESTIVAL, consisting of three concerts, will be given Friday evening and Saturday afternoon and evening. January 22 and 23, in Rackham Lecture Hall.
The Roth String Quartet
Feri Roth, Violin Julius Shaier, Viola
Rachmael Weinstock, Violin Oliver Edel, Violoncello
Series tickets, including tax, $2.75, $2.20 and $1.10; single concerts, $1.10 and $.55.
Mail orders for tickets for any of these concerts should include selfaddressed stamped envelope, and should be mailed to University Musical Society, Charles A. Sink, President, Burton Memorial Tower, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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